Hello? Hello! We’re Skyping Tasmania!

Blogging is one way of connecting with people–Skype is another!

Through the student blogging competition we’ve connected with Miss Wyatt in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Many of us have read and commented on her grade 6/7 class blogs. On Thursday at 2 pm our time we will meet up via Skype for a face-to-face chat. It will be 9 am Friday for them.

We know we have a lot in common, but we also know that there is a lot that we think we know, but we don’t know, you know?

So to prepare for our conversation, please think about…

  • what we should know ahead of time about Australia and Tasmania so we don’t sound foolish
  • what questions we can ask to learn more about life in their community
  • blogging questions for these experienced bloggers and their teacher
  • what we can show that would give a good picture about who we are and how we live
  • anything else we should do or say that would help us understand each other better

Share your thoughts in a comment below!

And if you want to read more by Miss Wyatt’s students, go to her sidebar and look for them under 2008 Students.

Photo credit Tassie Flag by ozjimbob


  1. I think that we should talk about what each others’ interests are, see what er have in common, and talk a little about our blogs, and who we visit in their class, and I would do a little research on Australia so we can talk about their culture as well as ours. I am excited and can’t wait to Skype them! My uncle and my mom use it a lot, but I haven’t seen them use the video type of Skype. They just talk. I haven’t used Skype before, and it seems so interesting! A girl in Miss Wyatt’s class, Lisa, commented me and wondered if I knew about Skyping and asked me if we could Skype, and now we are! So exciting!!

  2. I think that we should ask them what it is like to live in such a hot place all year round. I bet it would get very annoying because it would be hot almost all of the time. We should also talk to them about the Comox Valley and what it is like where we live. We should also talk to them about blogging.

  3. Hi Mrs.Smith, I think that one of the things that we could talk to Ms. Wyatts class about is stuff like what kind of games or sports we play here in Canada. Another thing we could talk to them about is how we celebrate our holidays.

  4. I think that we should talk about our schedules and see the differences between a day in australia and a day in Canada. We could also talk about some of the students favourite subjects compared to ours. I also think, to get other peoples ideas, we can make a forum on the moodle. What do you think?

  5. Hello Mrs. Smith! I think that we should tell them what canadians do that other people dont. For instence, some people dont even know the rules of ice hockey, or some people think we say ‘eh’ at the end of everthing we say.

  6. I think that maybe we could google Austraila and Tasmania or use wikipidea to find out more about were they live. When we are skypeing to them we could have items that represent us so when they see the item it will help them learn about us and what we like.

  7. Hello Mrs.Smith

    I think that in our conversation we should talk about sports and games that they might have there that are different then the ones we have here. I also think that we should ask them about some unusual pets that they might have in Tasmania. Well these are my ideas so far and I am looking forward to skyping!

  8. I think that we should talk about the countries that we live in, and the differences between them because we know more about Canada than they do and they know more about Australia than we do. I also think it would be a great oppurtunity for us to ask Miss Wyatt about blogging because she is a very experienced blogger. I look forward to the scype call!

  9. I think we should converse about the wildlife and sights af spectacular beauty. 1 thing we could ask them is ” What is it like living in Tasmania?”. Another is ” In Tasmania do you have harsh weather changes?”. My last suggestion is ”Can you please explain how the area where are looks”.
    The technology of skyping is wonderful.

  10. We could ask Miss. Wyatt and her class what they would like to know about B.C. or Courtney.
    If The cord is long enough we could point the webcam twords the window! Ha ha ha!
    A question we could ask is, Do you get to see Kangaroos out when your on a walk?
    I can’t wait to see them on the skype.

  11. Hi there,
    My name is Laura and I am part of Miss Wyatt’s class. Here we are pretty exited about the Skype call, and are thinking of lots of different questions we can ask you.

    Personally, I don’t know much about Canada. It’s going to be really interesting talking about how different of very much the same our day-to-day life might be!

    Laura 🙂

  12. y,
    I’m patricia im in mrs.wyatts class.
    I just thought i should say we hardly see kangaroos in the wild and its cold most of the time not like al those tv shows an movies!!!!!I would like to know wat your class do in your spare time?
    what is it like in canada?

  13. Hey,
    I also think I should tell you that our average summer degrees is like 20 it hardly ever gets hot!!!!!!
    what is ice hockey I love hockey but I’ve only heard of ice hockey like once I my life!!!!!!

  14. G’day members of Huzzahnia. Thank you so much for your Skype call today. It was great to meet face to face. We learnt a lot about Canada and also saw how we are very similar with weather, interests and so on. Happy skyping!!

  15. Hi again,
    The Skype call we made to your class today was really fun. A lot of the things you asked us and the things you told us about Canada was really interesting and most of the things I didn’t know about.

    Hopefully we can make another call to you soon!

    Laura 🙂

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