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The Dragon Has Landed!

Over the weekend a geocacher by the name of Lazonain deposited the Huzzahnian Dragon travel bug in a geocache near our school. To know more about how this adventure was begun by Mr. Miller and his class, read here and here.

With the help of a Mr. Berry, our principal, and a GPS, we took a little walk and located the cache on Monday morning. It was a beautiful fall day here so the walk in the forest was especially sweet. Pictures of our adventure coming soon!

Please give us some feedback on the survey below or in the comments. Is this adventure over or does a new adventure await us?

Dragon Tales

I can imagine what it’s like when a detective interviews many witnesses–no one tells the same story! So it is for the Huzzahnian Dragon. None of the commenters on this page seems to agree on what the real deal is with this traveling creature. Even the nice folks in Mr. Miller’s class in California can’t get their stories straight–and they met the dragon first! Oh, well. We will just have to find out from the Dragon him-her-itself when he-she-it gets here! Meanwhile, here is a smurged (real word) version of the story…see if you can figure it out (click to see full size). wordle_3