A Little Outdoor Art

Take a fence, take some wool, add some creativity and you get… well, a woven fence.

Hands at work.










Symmetrical weaving.

Symmetrical weaving.














Take a look at Huzzahnians at work:

It was a bit challenging at first to figure out how to work with the wire of the fence. I find it fascinating that students arrived at such different techniques in their weaving. Some incorporated natural elements, too.

Have you ever done any weaving? Would you try a project like this? Thank you for commenting!

Playing with Glocal

We had a bit of artistic play time this week, with some creative results. We used photo manipulation software that we were given many years ago by an organization called Arts Umbrella as part of the Glocal Project. Using the built-in webcam on our Netbooks, we captured images, layered and manipulated them and–Voila! What do you think? What do you notice about these images? Please check out the student blogs for other examples of Huzzahnian creativity.


King and Ace by Evan


Seeing Red by Ethan

Seeing Red by Ethan

Many-Me  by Tengis

Many-Me by Tengis

Hearts by Mia

Heart of Hearts by Mia

Blogging friends, have you ever used photo manipulation software or apps before? Do you like photography? Perhaps you have some tips for us. We look forward to reading your comments.


Take Our Open-Blog Quiz!

Just how good are you at reading a blog? Take our OBQ!

Try this quiz: follow the links to a Huzzahnian blog, read, and leave a comment there with the answer to the clue or question presented below. When you comment leave an OBQ for your own blog–let’s find out if our Huzzahnians are as clever as you!

*Hint: answers could be in a post or on a page….

  • Something in the music room is Brayden’s favourite. What is it?
  • Darian is looking for a catch phrase. Can you help him?
  • Faith describes a FrankenPencil. It met an awful fate. What happened?
  • Why does Ethan like the colour blue?
  • What three bike sports does Evan L. take part in?
  • Which instrument does Maggie play?
  • Tiana is a terrific soccer player. How many knee-and-foot ball juggles has she done in a row?
  • Aliyah‘s dad was one of, well, a large number of kids. How many?
  • What does Rachel sell at craft fairs?
  • What are the names of Anthony’s pets?
  • Why does Kheton like the gym so much?
  • Carlos has hedgehogs. What are their names?
  • What does Kaiah like to do when he’s bored?
  • Anthony explains the ring of death. What is it?
  • Which baseball team is Ryan’s favourite?
  • Hunter likes his locker. Why?
  • Heather hopes to go to the Olympics in a sport. What is it?
  • Which stuffed animal smiles at Gillian?
  • What does Kaiya like to do on the weekend?
  • Tengis tells you about small flying things–what can they do?
  • Quinn went to Florida. Which tourist attraction did he visit?
  • What does Shayne dream of being when she grows up?
  • What is Logan‘s favourite thing to do?
  • Which position does Avery play in hockey?
  • Does it take a genius to ride the swings? What does Brett think?
  • Which types of monsters do you find on Mia’s blog?
  • Why does Evan like dodge ball?

Good luck on the OBQ. Remember to answer on the student blogs. If you write an open-blog quiz of your own, please comment and send us the link!

Photo Credit: Rusty Clark via Compfight cc

Remembrance Day, 2013

lest we forgetDo you have relatives who now serve in the armed forces? No doubt someone in your family was affected by World War 1 or World War 2–or another conflict since.  Your ancestors may have been soldiers, sailors, air crew–or men, women, and children who lived with war “on the home front”.  Remembrance Day is held at the same time as Veterans Day in the US, but is more like Memorial Day

In Canada, the United Kingdom, and through out the Commonwealth countries, poppies are worn during the days leading up to November 11th as a symbol of our remembrance and respect for those who fought and died in war. It’s also a reminder of how valuable peace is and how we are all responsible for creating a peaceful world.

We got together with our buddies at Climb High and shared our ideas about creating peace. We created this slideshow and presented it as part of our school Remembrance Day assembly.

Making a Peaceful World from Brooklyn Elementary School on Vimeo.

As well, Ryan and Tiana laid a wreath, and Luke, Heather, and Faith read their poems. Other students in our class were part of the choir.  

What do you, your family, and school community do to remember those who have fought in wars? Do you have other advice for ways that children and adults can create a peaceful world?

Photo Credit: hobvias sudoneighm via Compfight


Grade Sixes Set Sail!

This guest post was written by Faith and Jessica.

Hello, visitors to Huzzah!

This year our Grade 6s got the wonderful experience of going sailing. We learned how to tie knots, rig the sails, work together to take the boat down the boat ramp, and get underway. On the water, we learned where the boat goes if you push or pull the tiller bar, how to read the wind, and most challenging of all, how to work as a team.

We had to listen carefully to our instructors

We had to listen carefully to our instructors.

Learning how to attach the sail to the halyard.

Learning how to attach the sail to the halyard.

To make the boat move, you have to have wind, which we had a bit of while we were sailing. We learned that you can’t turn your boat directly into the wind or else your boat will stop moving and you will get stuck. The front tell-tales tell you if your sail is too loose. If they are flapping and going everywhere, that means you should pull in your sail until the tellies are going straight. It’s almost the same thing with the back tell tails. If they are flapping, that means you should loosen the sail until they are going straight with the ones in the front. There are two ways to turn your boat. Into the wind, and away from the wind. Turning into the wind is called tacking and away is called jibing. When you’re tacking, you have to pull your sail in, and when you’re jibing you have to let out your sail.

We had to work as a team to get the boat to the water.

We had to work as a team to get the boat to the water.

Getting right in the water to set sail is cold work!

Getting right in the water to set sail is cold work!

Even on days with little wind, we were able to sail.

Even on days with little wind, we were able to sail.

To finish the three weeks of off, we went to a wonderful beach where our instructors have built a great hangout, the Tiki Hut. On our second-last day we went stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. It was so much fun! (Even though some people fell in multiple times. The water is warmer than usual, we were very lucky.) Stand-up paddle boarding is easier than it looks! All you have to do is kneel on your board, a very sturdy Styrofoam object, and paddle around a bit until you feel like you can switch hands at ease. Then carefully stand up. It’s a little like skiing, because it’s easier to stay on two feet if you a) bend your knees and b) keep your legs not too close together in both sports. Don’t forget about the paddle, though! To paddle correctly, you should have the angle away from you, like you’re looking down a mountain. If it’s backwards, then it will wobble in the water and be harder to control.

A wet suit was a definite benefit!

A wet suit was a definite benefit!

These sit-on kayaks were easy to maneuver.

These sit-on kayaks were easy to maneuver.

Sailing is really fun, but it takes a lot of concentration. All of the grade 6’s had a great time sailing this year. It was a challenging learning experience and I think that everyone will remember the great times that we had sailing. The instructors were really nice and helped us a lot to learn how to sail and be safe on the water.

Readers, do you do any water sports? What is your favourite thing to do on the water? Let us know in a comment!