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Survey Says…

Maybe you noticed that yesterday, shortly after 5 pm, we tripped into a new season. It was a remarkably beautiful day here yesterday, and today promises to be sparkling, too. Perfect for a Shoreline Cleanup.

Here are the results of our survey.


We had a lot of folks drop by to leave their opinion from beyond our class, including former students, parents, and visitors from far away. Are you surprised by the results? What do you notice? If we did this survey in November, what do you think the results might be?

Our Home, Our Earth, Let’s Appreciate it!

We are happy to live where we do–it is a beautiful and inspiring place for us. This week we took time to get out and appreciate what we have. Check out out blogs to see what we think–and look at the our slideshow, too.

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Guest post by Brianne

I am sitting on the school ground risers,
listening to the traffic across the green field.
I feel the brisk wind tickling my cheeks.
The clouds are like a painting by Picasso,
a real piece of art.

I can smell the evergreen pines
with their minty scent.
I glance into the clearing
that is a perfect portrait of our lovely glacier.

I jumped off the risers
and felt the gritty gravel beneath my feet.
I looked to the sky
and I notice the sun trying to peek out.
I saw a crow soaring into the distance
with its loud and screechy noise.
The graceful bird flew for its nest
and settled next to the small baby birds.

I step onto the the jungle gym
to get a different perspective
of the wonderful valley.
I gaze into the neighborhoods below.
The trees fill in deep green forests
with pine cones galore.

I love the environment,
it’s one of the most peaceful things on Earth.
What am I saying?
It is the Earth!

Photo by: Minxlij

(Temporary) Winter Wonderland

Well, it didn’t last.

(Spoke too soon: 24 hours later–now have 15cm of new snow!)

We are back to green grass and snow-free skies. But that’s ok, because we can see the snow accumulation on the mountains (where it belongs!). While it was here we enjoyed it. We dashed around the soccer field and then came in and wrote poems. Look for the results on student blogs soon. And enjoy our first snow of 2008 in the video below.

Winter Wonderland

It doesn’t snow much here in the Valley.

The accumulation of the white stuff stays on the mountains for the most part, and I for one like it that way.

But when I read this wonderful post by Conner, I almost got to wishing… Yes, secretly, even teachers pray for snow days. We haven’t had one yet, but keep your fingers crossed!

So what’s on your list? What do you like to do in winter? Drop by Conner’s post and tell him, or write a post of your own. And to our friends in Australia and New Zealand who are heading into summer, what were your favourite ways to spend winter–way back in July and August?

Image Monochrome Close-Up by Nebarnix

This just in! Could this mean…?