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Where are we?


Who are we?

We are a group of Canadian grade 6 & 7 students. Our school goes to up to Grade 7 and includes a drop-in program for pre-schoolers called StrongStart. Our classroom is in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Teachers are Jan Smith, Val Roberts, and EA Val Harnden. We are grateful to be on the traditional, unceded territory of the K’ómoks First Nation, on whose land we work, learn, and play. 

What about our strange name? Huzzah! is an old English expression of joy, encouragement, or triumph.  Listen to these fellas say it with enthusiasm. 


Teacher Blogger: Jan Smith





  1. Hi there Huzzah. We are Year 8 New Zealand students who would love to connect with you. Our blog site is https://rm5ois.edublogs.org and we also have a twitter account – @room5ois2016
    We are new to blogging but are really getting into it. Please help us connect with others around the world.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Room 5, Oamaru Intermediate School, New Zealand

  2. Hi Jan,
    I’m so taken with your whole blog! You’re awesome! Can I ask a question- how did you get your Twitter feed to post to your home page? I looked in widgets and don’t see it….

  3. Hello Ms.smith
    I think that is is really funny that you did the Huzzah thing. I showed my little brother and he thought that it was so cool. It does get a little annoying about half way through.

  4. Hi, Huzzah! You’ve inspired me to get one of those Breakout boxes. Although, too late for Pax, can’t wait to try it with some Ancient Egypt or Rome games. Let’s get our classes together.

    1. Hi Mrs. Hughes,
      We think you and your students will LOVE Breakouts. And I don’t think it’s too late for Pax. I say go for it. Looking forward to connecting with you and your students.
      Jan Smith

  5. Hello Jan Smith. You may remember me as one of your 2010/2011 students. I just recently remembered that this site existed and i did this blog thing 5 years ago. I forgot the password to my original account so I made a new one to comment on the blog which i was surprised to find still active. I am now in gr 12 and graduating this year from highland.
    How is it going back at Lazo? I haven’t been there in over 4 years.

    1. Daniel! Of course I remember you. You are out in the “big world” now, learning and exploring after high school. I bet you are still doing a lot with science a tech. I remember you as a hard working, creative, bright spark. Best wishes to you in all you do, and thanks for being in touch.
      ~Ms. Smith

  6. Hi Jan –

    I am a middle school teacher in Illinois, US. I am taking a graduate course where we are looking at various tech tools that we can use in our classes. This week we are looking at blogging activities that teachers are using with their classes. I ran across yours through the Student Blogging Challenge. I was browsing through the student blogs and landed on Journey’s. I was very impressed! I left her a comment. Part of my assignment was to leave a link to my blog post about her blog but felt better about leaving that link with you to share with her! Congratulations! You are doing an impressive job getting them to write quality posts!

    Here’s the link to my post on my blog: https://mrsmacsblogspot.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/2-d-1a-blog-post-about-a-class-thats-doing-it-well/

    I hope that you will stop by!

  7. Hello there Huzzah,
    We are students from San Diego, California. It’s cool to think we’re communicating with a bunch of kids in Canada. We’d love to know more about where you live? We are so lucky to live in sunny San Diego. It’s actually about 75 degrees Fahrenheit today and most of us are wearing shorts and short sleeves. We imagine most of you are still bundled up in your winter clothes.
    Your blog is amazing! We can’t wait to check it out more.
    Bloggin’ Frogs http://mrsmckelvey.edublogs.org

  8. Hi jan,
    We really enjoyed looking at your blog today and we would love it if you visited our blog. Our blog is at
    My class is a bit younger – Grade 3/4 – but we love getting overseas visitors.
    Mr Collings

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