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Our Div.16 Girls!

Hi! It’s Chaeyoon who loves to draw!

That picture, below, I drew that. It was hard to draw it.

One day, I was drew character at recess time. Then my friend Sophie asked me, “Can you draw me like that?” So I drew this picture at Saturday morning. But there was one problem. I knew there are nine girls in our class, but it’s really hard to draw without their picture. Maybe it’s hard to draw with their pictures, but it’s even more difficult to draw without them. So I had to think about what are they looks like for 1 hour…

Now I have to do one of the boys There are 18 of them!

My real post is at my blog My Drawing Life’s “The Girls of our class

Good Advice?

I’m not so sure I should trust my students anymore. Just look at this:

I don’t think I should turn my back on them! On the up side there is some practical advice. Just visit Devan to read his 10 easy tips to… well, just read it.