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You’re hired!

How to get your iPhone application approved by App Store

All of the applications for Gr. 7 student have been approved!

Well, based on the outstanding applications submitted by potential Huzzahnians (and the fact that underneath her harsh and prickly exterior she is a softy), Ms. Steak has chosen to  HIRE ALL OF THEM!

These future bloggers will be busy in the coming months  becoming chemists, literary critics, historians, mathematicians, musicians, athletes…and Huzzahnians.

They will soon be finding time to visit blogs, to read, and leaving meaningful comments. The 7s at Hey, Kids! have already modelled high quality in blog communications (see their comments on our last post), so we will aim to match their standards.

Congratulations, Huzzahnians. You are off to a great start.

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Write On!

Alt-ering by Mathieu JarryAnd type on, too!

We’ve only been at this blogging business for a few weeks and already our writing is flowing from our minds, through the keyboards, and off to an online audience.

Gosh! This class is on fire for blogging–just take a look at these links. They are choice posts, meaning the topics were not assigned. They have been through several revisions and have been well-polished.

After you finish reading, why not leave a comment. Every writer benefits from feedback and encouragement.

Watch this space–more writing on the way!

Image credit: Alt-ering by Mathieu Jarry

Why Visit Us?

WelcomeMiss Wyatt has set us a task in the first week of the Student Blogging Challenge (which began last week, so we are running to catch up). She asked us to answer this question: Why on earth should anyone visit us here at Huzzah!?

Well, to answer that question, I will ask ten more:

  1. Is it Spring where you are? It’s not here. It’s a rainy, windy Fall here, so we would like to be reminded of the best days of Spring. What’s like where you are?
  2. Do you play cricket? We don’t, but we’d like to know what it’s like. We could tell you about hockey, soccer, and lacrosse.
  3. Do you have a President? We don’t. We have a Prime Minister…and a Queen! (A real one, not an impostor–did I say that?)
  4. Do you speak Urdu? German? Swahili? We don’t. But maybe you could teach us. We could teach you how to ask to sharpen your pencil in French. We are full of practical knowledge.
  5. Are you surrounded by large buildings where you live? Do you have a major sports team in your city? We don’t. We live in a relatively small town, but it’s very friendly and we find lots of great things to do outdoors.
  6. Do you get heaps of snow in winter and have lots of snow days? We don’t. The snow is generally on the mountains which are only forty minutes away, and sadly we didn’t have a single snow day last year.
  7. Do you wear a uniform to school? We don’t, and we want to know what it’s like to wear one.
  8. Do you live near a desert and get to see cactuses –or is that cacti? We don’t. We live near the ocean in a temperate rain forest with large Douglas firs. We’d like to know what a desert is like…and a deciduous forest, and the savanna, and the tundra.
  9. Do you like snakes? Art? Skateboarding? Technology? Turtles–jellyfish–dogs? Music? Hockey? Math? Space? WE DO! Wow, we could learn from you! Wait until we start blogging–we will have so much to say, and we hope you will share your knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and experiences with us.
  10. Are you a learner? Curious about people all over the world? WE ARE! The reason to come to our blog is because we are curious about YOU. We hope that what we present on our class blog, and soon on our student blogs, will peak your curiosity and stir up some questions.  Maybe you’ll tell us a little about yourself.

Glad to meet you! Thanks for visiting. Got something to say? Leave a comment after the beep. Beep!

Image credit: Welcome by Claudio Matsuoka

Guest Post: Blogging

(This guest post is by Greyson and Eric. The topic was their own choice.)

Why is blogging good?

Britian Going Blog Crazy - Metro Article by Annie Mole

blog: Pronounced blŏg. To write entries in, add material to, or to maintain a blog.

There are tons and tons of great things about blogging. So here are some of the things we really like about owning a blog.

We think blogging is a good thing because it is a teacher, really. It teaches you many things, about others and yourself. Since we started blogging our typing skills have really improved and it keeps growing from all the work we’ve been doing. Another thing is that you really start being more social, and you get to communicate with people around the world which is something you don’t get to do every day, that’s for sure.

We think an edublog is a very useful and exciting tool and every single classroom should have one. We think that communicating with people all over the world is the best part of blogging. We’re able to learn their cultures, entertainment, similarities and differences, reading other student’s posts, and being able to comment.

Another great thing about owning an blog is that you can express yourself in posts, or comment on other people’s posts.  You’re able to be nominated for a Edublog Award, or to nominate others. That is very exciting. Edublogs Award Logo

We like how you can change the theme, the header, and customize your blog to your liking. We really enjoy how when we see we have received a comment, we get really excited. Our minds ponder, what could it be about? Our fingers scroll the mouse down, and we finally see the comment.

Well, we have told what we really like about blogging. What about you? What do you really like about blogging? Please, if you could leave us a comment telling us!

Greyson and Eric.

Britain Going Blog Crazy – Metro Article” by Annie Mole
Edublog Awards Logo
” by cx1uk”

Our blogs are hatching!

And like all new things, we will be a bit wobbly for a while. goldie_ap.

You’ll notice student blogs are popping up in our blogroll to the right. These are exciting times for Division 4! In the next week, students will give their blogs a name and a tagline, add a Clustrmap, and write their first posts. Some may even start their own blogrolls.

Right now all the blogs have the same theme, but this will change. Once students have grown some serious feathers, they will be ready to fly! (Yes, I know chickens can’t fly–but bloggers can!)

Come back soon to see how we have grown.

Happy Blog-versary to You!

Huzzahnians, if you check your first post, you will probably see the date was October 7th, 2008, six months ago…

Can you believe you’ve been blogging for 6 months? Wow! Give yourself a pat on the back. Maintaining your blog, reading, commenting, and writing take effort. You have evidence of your growth and success right in front of you. How does it feel? What have you noticed?

In a comment on this post, please share what you see as you successes in the last six months, and maybe some of the challenges, too. What has changed about you as a result of blogging? We’d also like to hear about your plans…what are you going to do to improve as a blogger? What advice do you have to others to stick with it when the going gets tough?

I can tell that you are proud of your blogging, as you should be. Congratulations on all you have achieved!

Image: Make a Wish by Theresa Thompson