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The World is a Good Place

Although news reports might suggest the contrary, there is plenty of proof that the world is a good place, full of good people doing good things. Some people make life better for people who are facing cancer or poverty, others help the environment.

Take a look at what Mr. Carmichael, his students and their school have been doing to help Cops for Cancer and Tour du Rock. Like us, Mrs. Braidwood’s students have taken part in the Terry Fox Run. Read an excellent post about Terry’s life and commitment on the Ripple Effect. Division 1, our friends in Vancouver, are joining others who want to inspire and celebrate the youth movement for global change at We Day. On Ms. Clayton’s blog, you’ll find a remembrance of a boy who made a difference and won’t be forgotten.

We have “done good” here too. Recently we took part in the national Shoreline Clean-Up.

We worked in teams.

We kept a record of the garbage--look at all the cigarette butts!

A hard-working but happy team!

Garbage is gross!

Lots of garbage and recyclables

We found a lot of garbage and recyclables.

And we kept our smiles on for the Terry Fox run:

Sprinting to the finish!

I did it!


Even after all that, we had enough energy to share our advice on how to make the world a better place. We turned our messages into a video.

Blogging friends, tell us about the good done by you and others. How are you, your classmates and community working to make the world a better place? Please let us know in a comment.

We’ll tweet about it!

We Agree!

Begin with the end in mind.

To start the year off right, we have come up with the agreements we will live and learn by. We looked at a series of Flickr images and then brainstormed possible messages they could represent about positive classroom relationships and a healthy learning environment.

For example, for this peacock image students wrote:

We agree to

– be original and stand out

– accept each other’s beauty

– show pride but not boast

– show our colours

– be ourselves, but not show off

– be colourful and bright, and be the best we can be

– be proud of ourselves for who we are and show our true colours as an individual and in a group

– be the best we can be

All great ideas! These phrases were merged into one statement: “We agree to be our unique selves and accept each other’s beauty.”

The process took time, but look what we achieved:

Our Classroom Agreements

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: agreements students)

(If you can’t see the slides, click here.)

These agreements will be the foundation of respectful relationships and productive learning experiences this year. And I hope it is just the beginning of our work with digital images, technology, and collaboration.

Let us know what you think.

(All image credits on slide 12)

So, Division 16, take another look through our agreements. Which one is especially important to you, and why? What did we miss–is there something you think we should include? What sort of image would best represent your ideas about living and learning together?