We Agree!

Begin with the end in mind.

To start the year off right, we have come up with the agreements we will live and learn by. We looked at a series of Flickr images and then brainstormed possible messages they could represent about positive classroom relationships and a healthy learning environment.

For example, for this peacock image students wrote:

We agree to

– be original and stand out

– accept each other’s beauty

– show pride but not boast

– show our colours

– be ourselves, but not show off

– be colourful and bright, and be the best we can be

– be proud of ourselves for who we are and show our true colours as an individual and in a group

– be the best we can be

All great ideas! These phrases were merged into one statement: “We agree to be our unique selves and accept each other’s beauty.”

The process took time, but look what we achieved:

Our Classroom Agreements

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(If you can’t see the slides, click here.)

These agreements will be the foundation of respectful relationships and productive learning experiences this year. And I hope it is just the beginning of our work with digital images, technology, and collaboration.

Let us know what you think.

(All image credits on slide 12)

So, Division 16, take another look through our agreements. Which one is especially important to you, and why? What did we miss–is there something you think we should include? What sort of image would best represent your ideas about living and learning together?


  1. Wow! I am absolutely , totally impressed with your Classroom Agreements! They are a recipe for success! Well done!

  2. My favorite agreement was slide number four, but I think that we should have included something like: be your self and show your own beauty and respect each others beauty.

  3. Hi! I like all the agreements, but the most important one is Teamwork. If we didn’t have others to rely on, then it would be harder to work and get along. I don’t think that there’s anything missing.

  4. I think that the peacock is really nice (the agreement) because it’s really true!
    I also think that the picture of the girl laughing at herself, could use some better agreements because the agreements are so plain.

  5. I think the three most important agreements are teamwork, patience and growth. I don’t think we should change any of our agreements. Without working as a team, and being patient with each other, we will never grow as a community.

    P.S. Love the pictures!

  6. I think that the most important agreement is the one about growth because I think that it gives a message that we all can agree about.

  7. Hey I think that pride is the most important because you should always accept everyone the way they are, and I don’t think anything is missing.

  8. This ‘huzzah’ site is awsome! I like the agreements and I find them useful for any classroom. The happy faces especially a good match for this blog. The useful agreement for me is the perseverance one. It is a very helpful one for me because it is useful anytime.

  9. Hi! My favorite agreement is pride (#4) but I like all the other ones too. I like pride because it has a picture of a peacock.

  10. My favourite one is the one about focus because it is really important to learn focus so you don’t get frustrated. I also think it’s important to use focus because you’ll never get anything done if you don’t focus.

  11. My favorite is about learning and planning together. It shows kindness to others and listening to learn something new.

  12. My favorite agreement is we agree to be our unique selves and except each others beauty. That would be slide 4 called pride.

  13. My favorite one is the peacock one because there are lots of colors and I like color full things and its a good way to stand out.

  14. My favorite one is the peacock. The message was to except each others beauty. I know some one with one hand, ADHD, and head gear braces. And they’re great people.

  15. I like the fun agreement because we all need to have fun I think that my favorite classroom agreement is pride. Never forget to show your true colors because that’s when you shine the most!

  16. My favourite slide is perseverance because it reminds me that when others are struggling with their challenges I have the power to help them. The message is we agree to reach for our goals and keep on trying. We will lend a hand to others so we all succeed. I think the agreements are great and should not be changed because they each have an important life message.

  17. Excellent job Div. 16. I really enjoyed reading all of your comments. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful things Ms. Smith has in store for us this year.

  18. My favorite one was with the kid focusing on his work and not giving up because he wanted to finish it and not stay inside at break time.

  19. Accept each other’s beauty is the most important to me because I think it’s important to be accepting to other people no matter how they look

  20. I agree with Mr. Green, this is an amazing blog and you should all be very proud to have created this together. Well done! I am inspired…

  21. What a fantastic idea to use these images. I think I might have to borrow this one to share with my class. Thank you all. Very inspirational. You did a wonderful job.

    The “other” Mrs. Smith

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