Facing Yourself: Drawing a Self-Portrait

The Challenge:

Draw a self-portrait. It’s tougher than it sounds!

The Tools:

A hand mirror, pencil, paper, and ruler (to prove to ourselves that our eyes are only half-way up our heads–not closer to the top!)

The Learning:

First, we looked at this video of portraits of women in the last 500 years: do you recognize any faces or artists? Notice that although the styles of portraiture (and what is considered beautiful) change over time, the proportions of the face stay the same.

Then we checked out the lessons on face shapes and facial proportions. THIS IS WORTH REFERRING BACK TO! This little test answers the question What’s Wrong With This Portrait? You can practice portraits–even silly ones–in this drag and drop activity.

The Results?

Wait and see!

The Process:

Division 16, what is it like to draw yourself while looking in the mirror? How did going through the lessons help you? Which facial feature is the most difficult to draw, and why?


  1. I think looking in a mirror is a great idea because you get the feeling what your head looks like so it makes it easier to draw the shape of your head. I think the most easyest thing to draw is the head because its just drawing a oval.

  2. I think that it is easy looking in a mirror because it gives you a better understanding on what you look like. It feels really hard drawing a self portrait because you always have to erase it over and over again. I think that the hardest feature to draw is the head.

  3. I really like to draw the eyes because they teach you to be a better drawer; you always have to get them right and they are really fun to draw.

    I think the hardest to draw would have to be the head because you have to have that egg shape witch is really hard for me.

  4. Hi! I think that drawing a self-portrait is NOT easy. The hardest features to draw are the eyes because you can’t get them exactly equal in size, or exactly the same. The easiest part to draw is the mouth because you don’t have to worry about getting it the same twice! What adds to the difficulty is drawing exactly like your own face.

  5. Hi! I think that drawing yourself is REALLY HARD. It’s hard because you’re looking at yourself in a mirror and then you are trying to draw yourself. Its fun though too. It was hard to draw my eyes when I tried. Everything else is pretty easy.

  6. The shape of the head would be the most difficult to draw. Drawing myself looking in a mirror is a bit easier.

  7. Drawing the portraits was fun. It was very interesting to learn about proportions and where the features are on your face. They really helped! I didn’t actually use the mirror that much but when I did it helped me see the shape of my head. I think the most difficult feature to draw was the eyes because sometimes they end up lopsided or uneven. None of the features were very easy. Overall, drawing the final portrait should be very….Interesting!

  8. I felt that looking at the mirror helped me because I can look at the detail on my face rather than guessing. Going the through the lessons helped me with my drawing because I learned the proportions of the face and how to use detail with my drawings. For me the most difficult facial feature to draw is the eyes because if I draw the first one well the next is always either too big or too small.

  9. I think it’s hard to draw eyes because there are lots of details to draw.
    I think that the hair and head are the easiest to draw because the hair is just
    wavy and simple to draw. The head is easy because it’s sort of just an oval.

  10. It is very difficult to draw yourself but having a mirror helps quite a bit, the lesson helped me with the position of the eyes and drawing the head. The hardest facial feature for me is the nose.

  11. When I am drawing and looking in the mirror at the same time it feels kind of funny because you’re doing to things at the same time, like running and playing a board game at the same time you feel like you are going to explode. The hardest thing on a face to draw would be a nose I can’t seem to get it right every single time I try.

  12. I think it was pretty interesting drawing myself while looking in a mirror not only because I haven’t done it before it was because I love to find new ways to draw because I love drawing and art. It was pretty easy going through lessons and it helped me a lot because I’m used to drawing cartoons but now I can draw real faces. I think that if I were to pick the hardest part it would be the nose because it is pretty hard to make the right shape, but overall I really enjoyed learning!

  13. I think that the hardest visual face feature in my opinion would have to be the eyes, and the easiest face visual is the nose.

  14. It’s hard drawing me with a mirror because it’s hard to get the right proportions in my face. Going thought the lessons really helped because that helped me get better proportions in my face.

  15. It feels uncomfortable because I’m not used to it. The hardest parts are the eyes and nose because I’m used to drawing in cartoons.

  16. I think it is a lot easier then not using a mirror.
    I think the hardest thing to draw is the nose because it has a weird shape.

  17. What a wonderful job Division 16! This is fantastic work, I’m very proud of you all. I really enjoyed your value on Teamwork and Persevarance.
    Thank you for sharing with me.

  18. Hey this project looks like a lot of fun! I wish there was computers and Internet when I went to school. Oh so many years ago.Great work!

  19. What a wonderful start to the year! You should be proud of yourselves and your accomplishments so far, keep that going!! I am really excited that my daughter is a part of this class, and that she is surrounded by such wonderful peers. 10 days till Hornby!!! Woohoo! There is so much learning and fun headed your way.

  20. Hi

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, yea netball is really complicated but when you play for a while it’s really easy and fun.

    Your post is great! Thanks for letting us know how to draw a self-portrait.


  21. Drawing my face in the mirror was not really easy because I keep messing up my head shape, my eyes and stuff like that. The hardest part to draw was probably my eyes because it has to be on a certain place on your face and the right shape. The easiest though would be the mouth because it’s really simple.

  22. The hardest part is the eyes because u have to have them in the right place they also cant be too round or too square and they cant be too big or too small. And the lessons helped me because it was sort of like practice and practice makes perfect. Drawing my self while looking in the mirror didn’t really help because I knew that the drawing won’t look real.

  23. Face shape is the most difficult to draw. This lesson helps me to draw a lot. I love this lesson. Don’t you???

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