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Say Your Say!

Do you like sharing your opinions? Do you know things about things? Do you like helping people learn? Of course you do! So do Huzzahnians. All Grade 6 & 7 students are conducting inquiry research on a wide variety of topics from Samurai to guitars, and trench warfare to traditional fishing practices. Many students want to gather information and opinions from people around the world. Not all projects suit surveys, but the ones below do. Please help these learners out!

**When you finish the survey and submit your results you can select “see previous responses” to learn what others said!

It’s survey time!  Our surveys are now closed–we are grateful to you for all your support!

Kyle thinks skateboarding is cool. Do you?

Kehana asks you who does the laundry at your house?

Chelsey asks for your thoughts on Kenneth Oppel

Charlie likes chocolate and wants to know if you do, too

Kenzie is interested in your thoughts on another winter sport: snowboarding

Bekkam wants your thoughts on hockey skates

Dylan is curious about going fishing.

Mya wants to know about ironing and irons

Brianne wants your opinion about drinking tea

Sophie is curious about your taste in music

Summer would like to know how you feel about visiting your dentist

Tristan wants to know about your video game habits

Mara is curious about telephones and cell phones

Colt thinks you might have a thing or two to say about hats

Caitlyn asks how do you listen to music?

Reece wonders what you would say about goalie masks

Julia is into skiing and has questions for you

Colton believes you know a thing or two about hockey helmets

Do you have any suggestions for us to help improve our survey writing?  Should we have asked different questions? Formatted them another way? Thanks again for taking the time to support these students.   Thanks again to all those who filled in the surveys. We used the data to understand out topics and we shared the results at our Heritage Fair.

Survey says–we’re running our own businesses!

And we need your help! Please don’t leave without filling out our surveys at the bottom of this post.

(This guest post was written by 3 graduated Huzzahnians: Greyson, Meghan, and Andrew)

For the past month our class has been learning something very special: how to start and run our own businesses. Grade 6 classes from our school (and our grade 7s) are being sponsored the Coastal Community Credit Union to take part in  The Young Entrepreneur Program.

We have been learning all about the different types of businesses. There are retail, manufacturing, and service businesses.

When you own a retail business you sell products that are designed and produced by other businesses. For example WalMart is a retail business. Owning a services business means  you do things for people. For example, when you go to the dentist, they are supplying a service to you, not selling tooth brushes like a retail business or manufacturing tooth paste like a manufacturing business. But when you own a manufacturing business (like us) you  produce a product and sell it. For example, Duracell produces batteries and sells them to retailer like Canadian Tire. In our case, we are selling our products ourselves!

Another thing we learned about is how to conduct a market research survey. We put our questions into Google Forms and embedded them on our blogs. We hope they will tell us about what our customers want so we can  improve our products. Our fair is on Friday, February 10th in our school gym–less than 2 weeks away.

So, to help us out, please visit our surveys below. Just click on the link to go to the post–it takes less than a minute to answer a survey! (And while you are visiting, why not check out the excellent posts written by these young bloggers?)

**** Neat Feature! When you have finished the survey click on See previous responses. –what a great way to know what others thought.***

Thank you for your feedback!

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Survey Says…

Maybe you noticed that yesterday, shortly after 5 pm, we tripped into a new season. It was a remarkably beautiful day here yesterday, and today promises to be sparkling, too. Perfect for a Shoreline Cleanup.

Here are the results of our survey.


We had a lot of folks drop by to leave their opinion from beyond our class, including former students, parents, and visitors from far away. Are you surprised by the results? What do you notice? If we did this survey in November, what do you think the results might be?