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(This guest post was written by 3 graduated Huzzahnians: Greyson, Meghan, and Andrew)

For the past month our class has been learning something very special: how to start and run our own businesses. Grade 6 classes from our school (and our grade 7s) are being sponsored the Coastal Community Credit Union to take part in  The Young Entrepreneur Program.

We have been learning all about the different types of businesses. There are retail, manufacturing, and service businesses.

When you own a retail business you sell products that are designed and produced by other businesses. For example WalMart is a retail business. Owning a services business means  you do things for people. For example, when you go to the dentist, they are supplying a service to you, not selling tooth brushes like a retail business or manufacturing tooth paste like a manufacturing business. But when you own a manufacturing business (like us) you  produce a product and sell it. For example, Duracell produces batteries and sells them to retailer like Canadian Tire. In our case, we are selling our products ourselves!

Another thing we learned about is how to conduct a market research survey. We put our questions into Google Forms and embedded them on our blogs. We hope they will tell us about what our customers want so we can  improve our products. Our fair is on Friday, February 10th in our school gym–less than 2 weeks away.

So, to help us out, please visit our surveys below. Just click on the link to go to the post–it takes less than a minute to answer a survey! (And while you are visiting, why not check out the excellent posts written by these young bloggers?)

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  1. Hey!! My name is ngarui but my friends call me lulu, I just want to say u guys have a really artistic skills,I loved the crazy pillow cases… There rockin!!!!!!

    1. Hello Lulu (though I also like the name Ngarui), I see many of your friends from New Zealand have also commented on blogs and filled out surveys–thanks so much! I imagine you are just getting back from your holidays. I hope you have a successful term of learning. Thanks again for visiting!

  2. Hello I’m Kaylee,
    I love all of the products that your students have come up with. They are very creative. My whole class did your students surveys. We found them really cool! I’m wondering if the students get to keep the money that they earned from making these products? Great ideas and I hope your business goes well!

    1. Great questions, Kaylee. Yes, student entrepreneurs do keep their money, but they also donate 10% of their profits to charity. We have been doing a lot of work calculating cost to make, price to charge, profit, break even… there is a lot of math in all this. We are all pretty excited (and a bit nervous) about Friday!

  3. Hello Huzzah
    Welcome from England. Your blogs are very impressive and I can see why your name keeps coming up in searches for examples of good blogs. We are looking forward to reading your blogs and learning from you.
    Mrs C

    1. Hello Mrs. Cook! We are very excited to be connecting with you and the other Quad Bloggers. I have popped by your blog and look forward to watching it grow. You should see a little dot from the west coast of Canada on your ClustrMap soon!

  4. Hi…..
    Everyone sounds amazing,nice,polite,respectful and kind
    It would be awesome if we all could Skype…bye

    1. You are right, GoldDiva, these students are nice, polite, respectful, and quite amazing! Our time zones do make Skype a bit of a challenge…but we can stay connected through our blogs 🙂

  5. your class blog is really cool i enjoyed all of it. The pictures are very cool. your class did a fantasic job at the blogs. it is fantasic who great the page is!!! wow wow wow wow!!!! amazing!

  6. Hey my name is Hannah. I absolutely love you’re blog. The apple earth is super smart. Plus I love all you’re pictures. They’re so cool.
    You should visit our blog. It’s Hope to blog you guys soon!

    1. Hi Hannah, thank you for you compliments. I like using images on our blog–they add a lot to each post. We will be in touch!

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