Survey Says…

Maybe you noticed that yesterday, shortly after 5 pm, we tripped into a new season. It was a remarkably beautiful day here yesterday, and today promises to be sparkling, too. Perfect for a Shoreline Cleanup.

Here are the results of our survey.


We had a lot of folks drop by to leave their opinion from beyond our class, including former students, parents, and visitors from far away. Are you surprised by the results? What do you notice? If we did this survey in November, what do you think the results might be?


  1. Hi Ms Smith

    I think that is amazing that so many people like all the seasons. I noticed that people like Summer and All Seasons the most. If it was November I think that summer would be the most.


  2. hello ms smith. im kate. im from the other mrs smith class in ottawa. my personel favourite season is fall. here are my reasons: 1#: no misquitoes 2# not too hot or cold( as long as you wear the right stuff) 3#: the leaves are BEAUTIFUL!

    my friend came to ottawa from Vancouver 🙂

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