1. Wow this is really cool! Ms Smith is always coming up with the most awsomeist (yeaya cause that’s a word) ideas every day! Man, I haven’t been on my blog in a while. But letting I’m letting you know that I’m still here and that I’ve been really busy with high school (uh huh… just kiddin’). KEEP BLOGGING Huzzanians!
    signed: Michael /~masterpiece~
    (PS: IT TOOK ME 9 TRIES TO TYPE MY NAME… I should really be concerned… haha

    1. Michael! How great to hear from you! One of the original Huzzhanians… a blogging hero 🙂 Glad you are enjoying high school–hope you are still finding opportunities to write poems. Take care!

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Smith and class!

    We’ve had so much fun on our project that we are already thinking about ways to make it even more interesting. We love this video slideshow because it lets us see what your caching adventure was like in beautiful detail.

    We like the forest that you have access to and think that would be a lot of fun to explore. Our Skype session was great fun and we look forward to seeing you again!

    Mr. Miller and Class

    1. Hi, Californian friends, we too enjoyed our conversation. More interesting? Well, let’s do it! Yes, we are grateful for our woods. There is a lot of plant and animal diversity, and lately there are all sorts of mushrooms popping up. Maybe we could have a contest during our next call, or play a game of some kind…We’ll talk soon.

  3. Hi! I am a student in Mr. Miller’s class. I am very excited and interested about what is coming our way. I had fun in our Skype call the other day! I also write for a blog called Sweet & Sour Candies. I look forward to our adventure coming up!

    1. Hi Amy, glad to have met you on Skype. When we have the details of our next adventure, we will let you know! I hope we will have more conversations in the future–on blog or off.

  4. Hi I am Lizzeth from Mr.Millers class. I am looking forward into tracking the bug on its way back.I also had fun in our skype the other day.I also write in the blog sweet and sour candies with 5 other girls!!!

    your friend

    1. Hi Lizzeth, we are really enjoying our connection with our California friends. The tracking part is a lot of fun, and we will follow it too! Details coming soon.:)

  5. Hi! Its Christian! We really apreceiate the Animoto you guys made for us. And i’m glad that the Huzzahnian Dragon made it to your classroom! It was a really fun time reading and hearing the dragons adventures. It travelled a long way and got close, then it got really far away again, and then a miracle happened! The Huzzahnian Dragon ended up i your backyard! Or school I should say. Anyways that was a really fun adventure for us and the dragon! I hope you guys pick the right thing to do.

    1. Hi Christian, the great thing is that the dragon was a really only a ball throw off our field. But I actually made the class have a bit of a hike (well, lovely stroll) through the woods to get to it. And you know, there are many right things to do. We are pretty sure you will be happy.

  6. Dear Mr.Huzzah,
    how are your class was the trip trifick. I bet it was trifick.From Tatum at sunnyland school in bellingham wa

  7. OMG! That’s pretty cool because we are doing the same thing. We are getting something from Mr. Miller too! We also skyped with them too. Hope you guys have fun with him.

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