Our Elections Were Free and Fair

Have you ever had a class election?

Our class has. Different people had different roles in our election. There were five people running for three seats. Another role was campaign manager who helped with promoting the person running. Different parties put up signs all around the classroom and one party even had a video to present.

When it came down to voting day more roles were added to keep the election fair. One of them was the Returning Officer whose job was to keep the voters’ privacy. For example if someone was looking at someone else’s ballot the Returning Officer would escort them out of the polling station.

Another important role was the Poll Clerk. His job was to make sure people only voted once. For example once the Returning officer handed the voter his ballot the Poll Clerk would make him sign on the voters list then he would cross out his name. When the voter returned to put his ballot in the box the Poll Clerk would sign his name on the voters list to show that the voter had submitted his vote.

Many people tried to disturb the privacy of the voters but it was dealt with.

Someone tried to put up political advertising at the polling station, but he was stopped by the Returning Officer because you can’t influence the voters.

Someone tried to spy into the voting booth, but the Returning Officer put a stop to that, too!

An unregistered voter (Mr. Green, our principal) tried to vote but was not allowed to. He was not between the age of 9 and 13 and was not a resident of Huzzahnia!

One voter tried to vote in another person’s place but the impostor was taken away!

One candidate threatened a voter to get his vote, but the Returning Officer called the police and he was taken away.

All in all it was a superb election and everyone had fun!


  1. Hey Ms. Smith! I really like this post because it’s true! I look like such a creeper! I’m wearing my hoodie sooooo low that I thought there was nothing under there! I was trying to be Boyd in duiscise… It didn’t work. 🙁 I got the boot from the Returning Officer! Thats right! I’m a very bad man!!!!! Just kidding. 🙂
    Cya! 😀

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