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Hello? Hello! We’re Skyping Tasmania!

Blogging is one way of connecting with people–Skype is another!

Through the student blogging competition we’ve connected with Miss Wyatt in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Many of us have read and commented on her grade 6/7 class blogs. On Thursday at 2 pm our time we will meet up via Skype for a face-to-face chat. It will be 9 am Friday for them.

We know we have a lot in common, but we also know that there is a lot that we think we know, but we don’t know, you know?

So to prepare for our conversation, please think about…

  • what we should know ahead of time about Australia and Tasmania so we don’t sound foolish
  • what questions we can ask to learn more about life in their community
  • blogging questions for these experienced bloggers and their teacher
  • what we can show that would give a good picture about who we are and how we live
  • anything else we should do or say that would help us understand each other better

Share your thoughts in a comment below!

And if you want to read more by Miss Wyatt’s students, go to her sidebar and look for them under 2008 Students.

Photo credit Tassie Flag by ozjimbob