Huzzahnia’s Class Council Election!

Guest Post

By a Division 16 student… the Returning Officer

Friday, Nov. 14 was an important date for Huzzahnia.  We held an election for our classes new council.  During the “All Candidates Meeting”, candidates delivered their speeches persuading people for their vote.  Here is an interview with one of the five candidates who’s nick-name is “Turtle Eating Crumpet”

R.O.: What was it like running for class council?

T.E.C.: I think it was a great experience, and it was fun to stand up and make people laugh in my speech. The monkey suit was the BEST!

R.O.: What will you try to change in Huzzahnia?

T.E.C.: My council and I are planning a party soon, but we’re not sure of what to do (yet).

R.O.: Do you believe that the thoughts of the residents here in Huzzahnia are important?

T.E.C.: Yes I do, and that’s why I ran! I believe that a council works by thoughts of other people, and that helps them to decide what they have to do in order to NOT BE BORED WITH THEIR JOB (Oh, so far I’m not…)!!

R.O.: Did you enjoy working with the other candidates during the election and afterwards?

T.E.C.: There were times where I felt like I couldn’t do anything more than what the other candidates had done, but I enjoyed it all the same. Although I did have a great time with my team and our election was fair. We were all nice to each other, and we weren’t allowed to do anything negative. I wouldn’t have anyways, though.

R.O.: Thank you for contributing to our needs and wants through out the election and for months to come.

During the election, I as the returning officer faced many challenges from unregistered voters to pencil bandits. Residents would come up one by one to get a ballot and proceed to the voting booth after signing the voters list. After all the votes were in, Hayden and Ms. Smith counted the votes and our new class council was announced!

It was an exciting day for one and all, especially the new class council! Thank you to all the candidates, and well done! Congratulations to our new council!

Is there an election where you live? Have you ever been envolved in an election? Please comment!

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