Our Classroom: A Democratic Dictatorial Monarchy?

As Queen of the Universe and Supreme Ruler of Huzzahnia,

I declare that I will occasionally provide opportunities for direct democracy, through secret ballot or show of hands, and I may also grant some decision-making power to the directly elected class council. But it depends on how I am feeling.

This is my official Toadstich which grants me amazing powers, most notably, hp 500, which comes in very handy.  My royal sword is a great comfort to me.

This is my Mythl: please note my Queenly Power. It helps me keep my head while all about me others are losing theirs.

These wonderful playing cards are the creation of Daniel and Kris. They developed the concept for these cards back in grade 3 and are reviving it now. I am thrilled, and look forward to reading their blog post on the topic soon.


  1. I was moved by the hands up for peace video, the children of Huzzahniah speak for many people in the world. End war, talk to your enemies!
    Thanks for posting this.
    Kudos and extra chocolate to the Queen of the Universe.

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