Meet the Class of 2017-2018!

We have been living and learning together for over a month, but this is our first blog post on our class blog.ย  Here we are!

Sunglasses on or off–what do you seen in your future?

You might look years ahead to a career you’re thinking of, to travelling you wish to do, or the place you hope to live. Perhaps you have plans for future learning–what do you want to explore? Or maybe you are think of your near future: is something coming up in the next few months that has you curious or excited? Are you in the process of creating something you hope to complete?

Please leave a comment and tell us about your future, and if you are from beyond our class, leave your blog url and we will visit you.



  1. Hi Ms.Smith,
    If I look into my future I would hope to see me as a vet or a marine biologist. I love animals and nature so I think that these would be a perfect job for me. The ocean is a really interesting place! I bet there are so many species of ocean animals that people don’t even know about. Do you have a favourite animal? My favourite animal is a horse or a dog. I really like horses because I know lots about them. I would also love to own a barn with lots of horses an dogs. I would also like to have a horse riding business where I teach kids how to ride.
    Have a wonderful day,
    ~Kayley <3

    1. Hi Kayley,
      I can imagine you working as a veterinarian! I know you and your family love to care care of domesticated animals, but I can also imagine you working with wild animals as a marine biologist. Both would be satisfying and exciting careers. I love pollinators of all sorts, but bumblebees are my favorites. Looks like you have given a lot of thought to your future.
      ~Ms. Smith

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith,
    In the future I hope my job will Be a preschool teacher. Because I love kids and I hope I get to do what I love when I’m older. I want to have a family with kids, a husband and 3 dogs.
    in the near future I hope I’m just working hard in school. I hope you have great day bye.
    Sincerely, Briana

    1. I know that you have a great model of how to work with preschool kids, Briana: your mom! You do work hard every day and do all you need to do to be a successful learning and happy human. Thanks for all your efforts.
      ~Ms. Smith

  3. Hi Ms smith
    if I looked into my future I would see myself flying around the world bring people to different detestation. I love the science that goes into flight. 1 year ago I got a airplane simulator and have been practicing for the past year, and every family day at search and rescue I rush to the simulator and stay on all day with my family.

    Have a nice day
    From:Quinn Morris

    1. Hi Quinn, I completely understand your fascination with flight! As I told you, my dad was a pilot (fighter pilot and test pilot). When I was young I told him that I was surprised to figure out that when it was cloudy down here, it was always sunny above the clouds. He answered, “Why do you think I love to fly?” I am sure with your love of science and learning, you will certainly become a pilot.

  4. Hi Mrs. Smith,
    In the near future I hope to see my self at Fright Nights in Vancouver at Play land riding awesome rides and going into the scare houses with actors and air guns.
    Have a nice day Mrs. Smith.
    Sincerely, Thai

    1. Hi Thai,
      You are braver than I am! I am not one to go on rides or into Haunted Houses, and I don’t watch horror films. Am I boring? I do love Halloween, though, and have planned some fun new decorations at my house. Hope you come back safely from Playland!
      Ms. Smith

      1. Hi Ms. Smith,
        I am not scared of most of the haunted houses because I have been tons of times before but the new ones like the doll factory I will be especially scared of because this is my first time going to it and as a bonus I HATE DOLLS! The first time I wen’t i was 8 years old and every October since I have been going to fright nights It’s a tradition for me in a way. This year it is going to be different though every year I wen’t with my Dad because my Mom and my sister would go to the Halloween train but this year my sister is coming with me and my dad for her first time.
        from Thai.
        PS: your not boring.

  5. Hello Ms.Smith,
    in my future I would hope to see myself as a professional soccer player or a dry waller. If my soccer career does not work out i think Im going to move into the trades. And something may be coming up this christmas, I may be going to hawaii!! I’m very hyped to go!! This January I’m going up to Washinton State for a soccer tournement and there will be college coach watching!! I’m very nervous but I think I’ll do fine.
    Have great day!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Jack, would it be possible to be both a dry waller and a high level soccer player? There is so much opportunity and satisfaction in the trades. I have to say, dry wallers are artists. No joke. I think the same of brick layers and autobody folks. My son is a machinist and I can’t believe what he can do with his hands.
      I am thrilled for you about your up-coming trip and your tournament. How exciting! I can see you are already an enthusiastic commenter–you’re well on your way to earning your blog.
      ~Ms. Smith

  6. Dear Ms. Smith,
    If I take a look into my future I can see my self having different jobs or careers like maybe when I grow up i will be a mechanic. But I can also see my self as a biologist or studying animals and go to Africa and catch a big catfish and study how they live. But sometimes you plan out your whole live but in the end it never happens and you end up having a totally different job for a career in your life.
    Have a good day,

    1. Evan, you are very wise. Being open to the surprises in life as well as making a few good plans seems to be a recipe for satisfaction. I loved visiting Africa–it was not what I expected. One thing that surprised me was how perfumey the veld (grassland) smelled. Just beautiful. I think my favourite animal was the giraffe. In each area of Africa, giraffes have unique pattern shapes. Cool, eh? I am excited you are considering a trade–mechanics are always in demand!
      ~Ms. S.

  7. Hi Ms. Smith,
    In the future I see myself going to University of Victoria. My Dad’s family lives down there so I would probably live with them and go to school at the University.
    I’m not sure what I want to do in the future, but hopefully by the end of high school I’ll have some ideas.
    I hope all is well,

    1. Gabi, I’m glad you’re keeping an open mind about future opportunities. Even entering university you don’t have to be 100% sure of what you plan to study–this strategy worked for my daughter who happily changed her mind three times in her first year as new paths presented themselves. Stay curious! I suspect you will love blogging this year; I look forward to reading your posts.
      ~Ms. Smith

  8. Hello Mrs. Smith,
    In the future I picture myself being a soccer player because that is my favorite sport and I have a lot of fun playing soccer. I really liked the slideshow. The sunglasses were definitely not my first pick but I had fun anyways.
    Have a great day and keep blogging

    1. Welcome back to another year of blogging, James. Am I surprised that soccer is in your future? NO! You have always been enthusiastic about it. Glad you put up with the slideshow photo shoot ๐Ÿ™‚
      ~Ms. Smith

  9. Hi Mrs. Smith
    In the future my dream job would be to play for the New York rangers in the NHL. It would be a great experience to play such a popular game in Canada.

    Sincerely Braxton

    1. Playing Canada’s game in Canada–or anywhere in the world–would be a thrill, Braxton. Have you ever played on a pond or lake? That looks pretty cool to me. I know your enthusiasm and industriousness will help you meet your goal.
      ~Ms. Smith

  10. Hi Mrs. Smith, it’s Sarah.

    In the future I hope to be a writer, because I’ve always loved both writing and reading.
    Also, I’ve always wanted to visit somewhere exotic, like maybe Hawaii, though I also think Honk Kong would be cool. I’m actually curious about Hong Kong because someone I know went there on an exchange trip!

    Sincerely, Sarah

    1. Sarah, as a writer, you will love blogging. It’s endlessly creative and, if you take the time to comment on active blogs, you will build a global audience. Hong Kong would be fascinating and exotic, but to other people it would be over-whelming. I hope you connect to an exchange trip during high school. What a cool opportunity!
      Ms. Smith

  11. Hello Mrs. Smith,
    In the future I think I might live on a farm with lots of different kinds of animals but most of all I hope I will have lots of horses, and i think i will probably still be into riding and I hope I will be able to do all sorts of jumps that are really high and really hard.

    I think that i will have a kid or two that can help me around my farm but I only want one or two kids. I think I will have a awesome life in the future and most of all I cant wait to live on a farm and have my own horse!
    Sincerely, Abbey

    1. Hi Abbey,
      You really do set the bar high for yourself, Abbey! (Do you see what I did there? Bar? Jumping high? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Because you are so focused and willing to work hard, I see great success in your future. Animals require our consistent, confident care–I know you will be a dedicated horse owner.
      ~Ms. Smith

  12. Hello Ms. Smith,
    When I think of my future I imagine myself as a teacher in multiple grades, focusing around kids the age of nine to twelve years, which is quite similar to you! I admire you for all you have done for us so far, and if I am a teacher, I would wish to be like you, Ms. Smith (but maybe collect some things like Mr. Otto).

    I may also apply for a job at Poochie’s, a dog daycare in Royston. I just love all animals and being surrounded by nature, so it would be a joy to play with them, walk them, and pet them. How about you? What is your favourite animal? Is this one of your passions?

    Anyhow, for now I am still hoping to concentrate on working hard and doing my best in school. I would love to get a nice grade, because it will probably help me in the near future.

    I hope you have a nice day, Ms. Smith.

    Ivo N.

    1. Hi Ivo,
      I am excited that you would consider teaching to be a future career. I find it to be satisfying and creative work–no two days are the same, and I learn so much every day. You might be surprised that I collect things too, but not on the scale of Mr. Otto.
      There are many well-respect vets, groomers, and kennels in the Valley. Yes, we are fortunate to be close to nature, too. We are a dog family, not a cat family, but my favourite creatures are pollinators. From early spring to fall, I like to watch them in my garden or while on walks around the Valley. There are so many and they do such interesting things.
      I can see you will really enjoy blogging, Ivo. Thanks for your thoughtful response and kind words.
      ~Ms. Smith

    2. Hi Ivo! It’s Sarah.
      I was actually really surprised when I read your post, because as soon as I got of age, I was going to try to apply for Poochie’s too! My dog, Thor, goes there all the time, and I think it would be just a cool little side job, especially if I get discounts for Thor.
      Maybe, (Even though it is very unlikely) we might end up working there together.
      I think that would be pretty nostalgic. And a pretty big coincidence.
      A Neighborhood Dog Lover,

  13. Hi Mrs. Smith,
    In the future I hope my job is to be in the NHL hockey league as a goalie because I have liked hockey for many years and played hockey for many years and hockey is one of my favorite things to do.

    In the near future I hope I work hard in school so I can get a good education and also work hard on hockey so I can make my dream.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Connor

    1. Hi Connor,
      The goalie is the anchor of the team. My brother-in-law plays goalie and is in-demand in his league as a 55+ player. Do you have a favourite goal tender? I find the evolution of the goalie mask to be really fascinating–I can’t imagine that people actually played without face protection for many years. Ken Dryden was a famous goalie who later became a lawyer. He knew that a good education would be important for his whole life. I’m glad you do, too.
      ~Ms. Smith

  14. Ms. smith
    I would like to at least like to own a apartment and have a degree for ornithology but over all I would like to take a trip to Belgium and learn about my roots and the holy roman empire that’s all I see at this time but maybe that will change some time.
    From Gavin

    1. Hi Gavin,
      Ornithology! I love birds–the small ones that flock in my yard (chickadees, juncos, nuthatches), owls, and hummingbirds. I even have respect for crows, although one made me very sad last year when it tore apart a hummingbird nest that I was watching in my yard. It ate the eggs. Have you ever seen All About Birds from Cornell University? It has bird song and video to help you id the birds you see. I visited Belgium when I was very young. I bet you will love travelling!
      ~Ms. Smith

  15. Hi Ms Smith In the future I don’t know what I want to be yet but i might want to be a electrician but I have some years to think about it,I want one Husky and to live by a river when i’m older, I hope I work hard in school so i can choose from more than one job.
    I might get a side job when i’m 17 though.
    Have a a nice day.
    From Nathan

    1. Hi Nathan,
      Having a job when you are a teenager is a great experience. You learn how to handle yourself in a different environment and have the chance to test out possible careers. I bet you will enjoy Try a Trade next year. I have spent time by rivers and agree it would be lovely to live near one. You are working hard in school–I am noticing!
      ~Ms Smith

  16. Hi Ms. Smith!

    Just dropping by to see if my sister’s blog is up yet (it’s not ๐Ÿ™ ) and to check out your recent posts! This video is really neat, what editor did you use for it? Also, I wanted to let you know that I did find my sketchbook so, yay!
    Anyways, always nice to see your blog flourishing with all the new little monsters *cough* I mean kids.

    Talk to you later!

    ~Chantal <3

    1. Hi Chantal,
      Lucky me! In the space of one week I got to see you face to face and get a comment on our blog! I’m glad your sketchbook reappeared. Blog launch is a slow process as you might remember. We will get it all going soon, I promise.
      Take care and thanks for visiting,
      Ms. Smith

  17. Hi Ms. smith,
    One day I want to be a police officer. I would like to because I’ve always liked people to follow the rules. Also you get to help people and I like helping people. I’m also working on getting my black belt in taekwondo.

    1. A black belt! Jaben, that is a high bar of achievement–bravo! Policing has changed a lot over the years. It takes a lot of skill to “keep the peace”: you have to be able to negotiate and encourage, as well as knowing the rules. I think you would be well-suited to the job.
      ~Ms. Smith

    1. Hi Morgan,
      I certainly see you being an artist your whole life! I am looking forward to teaching you how to use new media this year, like watercolour and clay.
      Happy creating,
      Ms. Smith

  18. Hi, Mrs. Smith
    In my future I really want to be an actress. I can see my self in acting school and working on saving up enough money to get a beautiful home were I can live in and raise a family with a loving husband to be there. If I do get an acting job (witch I really hope I do). Sense actors/actresses get paid a lot if ya know what i mean;) I would help a lot of people whom may be homeless or charities that need that extra help.
    Thank you for reading, Sincerely, Chloe

    1. Hi Chloe, I too can see you as an actress. I think you could be serious, funny, and dramatic–and I bet you could even do your own stunts. Many people in “the biz” do a lot to give back to the community, in volunteer hours or financial support. Thanks for sharing your future plans,
      ~ Ms. Smith

  19. Hello Huzzah!
    It’s nice to visit your blog again. We had some student visitors to our blog who left some well-written comments. Our grade 3 students are learning how to blog this year so they will be leaving comments on your class blog down the road. How many students are in your class?
    I see a very bright future for your students!
    Your blogging friends,
    Mrs. Sullivan and Class

    1. Hi Mrs. Sullivan and Class!
      I hope you have fun learning how to blog this year! I learned in Grade.3 too. We have 26 grade 6s and 7s in our class! I read and commented on how you learned about Turkeys recently! I think that’s really cool. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog!

  20. Hi Ms Smith, I like your post because it explains the way you think of stuff.

    In my future I’d like to be an artist, and do cartoons or random drawings, including unicorns. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with the pictures, but I enjoy drawing them. I know you like knitting, what is your favourite thing that you have knit so far?
    Sincerely Morgan

    1. Hello Morgan,
      Your unicorn drawings make me smile. I have a special surprise for you on Halloween this year–I hope you are excited to see it.
      The funny thing about knitting is, usually, my favourite project is the one I am working on right now. I have torn out that scarf and restarted it AGAIN, but I learn more each time I work on it.
      Thanks for asking such good questions,
      Ms. Smith

  21. Mrs Smith and Jack.
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our class page in New Zealand and saying such great things about our artwork. We really appreciate the fact that you took the time to comment and leave us a message.

    In New Zealand its approaching our Summer. Our School year runs from February to December so we are three quarters of the way through our school year, we don’t finish until Decemember. Its also nearly summer. Summer for us is about 20-25 degrees centrigrade but Winter is about ten degrees Centigrade. We have a mountain (volcano) near us (Mount Taranaki) that gets snow but as a general rule we don’t have snow here in Winter.

    We’d love to be in touch this school year and can’t wait for your student blogs to start up. Have an amazing year and we’d love to connect from the other side of the world.

    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

    1. Thank you for replying!! In Canada we will be approaching winter here and it can get down to minus -3. We get tons of snow here in Canada.

      -Have a wonderful day!

      1. We don’t get weather much colder than ten degrees centigrade here in Winter. We have had a snow day, which was in 2009, and we had a light snowfall, but it was enough to close the school. I am always showing pictures of schools with snow so our students can see what it is like for other classrooms and students on the other side of the world.

  22. Hi Ms Smith, I really like the music in the video that you did, and how you put it together. I like that you did the fall background because it’s the season.

    In my future I want to see if I can become a major league baseball player. I would want to be in a baseball school or college if I could. I love playing the game. Right now I’m playing for the local rep team, and I play multiple positions. Some of the positions that I play are, short stop, 3rd, 2nd, and pitcher, those are my main ones, but sometimes I’m in the outfield as well.

    I was wonder what your favorite sport to play or watch?

    Sincerely, Finn

    1. Hi Finn,
      I remember your picture in our first school slideshow: you were throwing that baseball like a pro player! Impressive. We have a teacher in our school whose son is in training camp. If you don’t know who that is ask me. I bet you would have an interesting conversation. My favourite sport to watch is basketball. I am a big fan of Steve Nash, but he has retired. I like watching the way point guards set up a play.
      Thank you for commenting, Finn!
      Ms. Smith

      1. Hi, Ms. Smith
        I think its Mrs. Greens son cause doesn’t he play for parksville Royals, right?
        But guess what my Mom has practice with the parksville Royals.

        sincerely, Finn

    1. HI Grace thanks for commenting on are class blog. I think that the shades are really cool and I think everyone needs shades. When I am older I want to visit Ontario and do all the touristy stuff. Have a great day Bye. Come visit my personal blog

  23. HI! My name is Brandon & I am in miss.sulivans class in London.And I LOVE the video you guys did!Please visit our class.Brandon

    1. Hi Brandon!
      My name is Olivia. I am in Ms. Smith class. Thanks for the comment, we had lots of fun doing the video. I am really excited to start blogging. Is this your first year blogging to? You live in LONDON!? That’s sooooo cool. I live on Vancouver Island, Canada. I hope to keep in touch with you. Hope too learn more about you and where you live over the year!
      Happy Blogging!

  24. Hi! My name is Reese I am in Mrs.sullivans grade 3 class in London. I loved the video that you made!Hope you have a great year!Reese

    1. Hey Reese,
      My name is Kayley and I’m responding to your comment on behave on Ms.Smith and our class. Whats it like living in London? I bet that it’s a lot more different then living in British Columbia where we live! I’m glad that you liked the video!
      Have a wonderful day,

  25. Hi Ms Smith!
    I loved doing this last year and its so cool to see the new class of 2017-2018. One this I noticed is holy cow, some of those people are so photogenic! ;D
    Have a cake-filled day!

    1. Hi Jayden,
      I am excited to see you are continuing to blog–we will call you a Smarthlandia Senator–it’s an honourary title that means you are still on team Huzzah! I agree, we have a great looking crowd. Must be the fine fall air. Glad you are still using your sweet sign-off. ๐Ÿ™‚
      See you soon,
      Ms. Smith

  26. Hi Ms. Smith,
    In my future I see myself traveling around the world. Not only do I want to learn and look at pictures of different countries I want to experience them. My Mom and I have always loved trying out different types of food from different countries. Maybe one day the two of us could go together and eat yummy food and go on lots of adventures. I have always wanted to visit the east coast of Canada, Italy, Greece, and maybe even Japan!
    The slideshow is awesome, I love the fall leaf background. I think everyone is looking pretty great in there shades! I am so excited for the rest of the year, and hope to make new connections with everyone in the class!

    1. Olivia, when I think of my own travel experiences, eating delicious new foods (or familiar ones, well-prepared) stands out as great memories. I have eaten fresh caught fish off a leaf in the Solomon Islands and the best fresh orange juice ever in Brazil. Greece is on my bucket list, for the food and the blue, blue skies.
      I am excited for the rest of our year together, too!
      ~Ms. Smith

  27. Hi Ms. Smith!

    In my future I’d be happy working as a logger with my buddies or even getting a good sponsor from scooter riding. I like being out in the forest but I also really like scootering with my buddies at the skatepark or street downtown or in Courtenay near the new hospital.
    Have a good one,

    1. Hi Trey,
      I bet logging would be an excellent career because it is both physical and requires a lot of knowledge and skill. I know scooter is fun and social for you; I’m glad there is a good park to scooter at in the Valley.
      Thanks for commenting, Trey!

  28. Hi ms. smith
    for my future i want to be a freestyle skier in x games men’s freestyle but if not i would be a photograph for red bull and film freestyle skiing thanks nate

    1. Hi Nate,
      I bet freestyle skiing is exciting, Nate! I’m sure it takes enthusiasm and risk taking to do such tricky maneuvers. Do you have your own camera, Nate?
      ~Ms. Smith

    1. Hi Evann,
      Skateboarding is active and fun. It requires learning from a good model (a friend or a YouTube video) and lots and lots of practice. Go for it, Evann!
      ~Ms. Smith

  29. Hi Ms. Smith,
    In my future, I would like to go to the track meet and do sprints and hurdles. Do you bring your camera to the track meet?

  30. Hey Mrs. Smith!
    Great to see the cool new Huzzahnian faces! I hope they have a great time blogging like last year’s class (Including me)! Let them know if they need any help with their blogs to just ask me! I’ll try to be active on blogging again, and not forget like I did for a few months.

    I do see myself as a storyboard writer for DreamWorks Animation Tv. Well, at least that’s my dream job, not sure if it’s really going to happen. Well, I’m going to try at least! Second best thing, right?

    Good luck with this years students!

    1. Hi Kimberly!
      I hope you are continuing to write as it is clearly a passion of yours. I think your future plans sound exciting. Miss you and hope you are well
      Love, Ms. Smith

  31. Hi Mrs. Smith! It’s Sarah.
    I know we were supposed to do this in September, but I think I forgot, especially considering when I was scrolling through the comments, I don’t think I saw mine. So, I’m doing it now just in case I forgot! If I already did it, welp, that’s ok. You get 2 comments from me! In my future I want to be a writer. For the past couple months, I’ve actually been writing a fantasy story for teens my age or a little bit older. (Gabi would know this because I have sent her countless drafts!) I’m also interested at applying for Poochies, a doggy day-care in Royston. My dog, Thor, goes there, and it would be nice to help take care of all the dogs. I actually did a post about Thor on my blog recently! I’m also interested in hooking up with an exchange-program in high school because my brother Brandon went to Hong-Kong on an exchange trip. Anyway, I’m super excited to finish my book! I saw in the newspaper that there’s actually a 15 year old author in Las Vegas, and I think I can compete! Have a great day!
    ~Sarah <3

    1. Hi Sarah, I have every faith that you are a writer now and will continue to develop you chops in this creative domain. I am thrilled you are writing a book. Bravo! We’ll talk more about this in class.
      Ms. Smith

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