Reminding Us To Be Our Better Selves

A school is more than teachers and kids.

We couldn’t succeed without the support of our parents, administrators, educational assistants, clerk librarians, custodians, and secretaries. We ask a lot of them, and each of us has a story to tell of how, every day, each of these people has helped us solve problems or find the things we need.

One person who does a tremendous amount for all of us is our secretary, Mrs. Crawford. She is the one who keeps our school ticking along. In many ways she reminds me of the Energizer Bunny

Our school's Super Secretary, Mrs. Crawford

Our school's Super Secretary, Mrs. Crawford

She must have at least 500 interactions a day, from phone calls, emails, drop-ins, and requests for any number of things,–yet somehow she handles them all with grace and good humour. Students ask for permission forms, band aids, containers for lost teeth, and if they can use the phone. Usually, these interactions are courteous, but sometimes they are curt, demanding, and impolite.

We could say people are in a hurry, or lazy, or not aware, or maybe just in need of a little reminding. A little reminder to be, well, our better selves. Huzzahnians, a creative and thoughtful bunch, staged a bit of a Door Decoration Intervention to promote what all of us already know: good manners matter.

Here are some of our mini posters. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole poster.

We would love it if you would leave a comment.

Is there someone you know who is especially courteous? What difference does it make to you? Do you sometimes forget one of these habits when you are interacting with others? Is one of them especially important to you, and you really notice it when people forget? Please tell us if we forget to mention anything.

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  1. I definitely agree with you, Mrs. Smith! Princess Crawford plays such a huge part in making our school a happy, welcoming place. I’m so proud of your kids for recognizing the need to remind everyone to treat her (and others) with the dignity, respect and courtesy she so deservingly should receive. She does so much that is above and beyond her job description and we need to make sure she always feels… well… like a PRINCESS here at our school!

    1. As I said, we are extremely fortunate to have the support of a very special, very caring staff. I hope you too receive the message every day that we are grateful for all you do, Mrs. Kennedy!

  2. We all have a “Mrs. Crawford” that we couldn’t live without. Your school is very lucky to have a caring staff. Common courtesy is a must!

    I am learning about blogging through the Edublogs Teacher Challenge. May I add your blog to our classroom blogroll which is currently under construction?

    1. Hi Ms. Selig! Best wishes on the Challenge–we would love to be added to your blog roll, and please let us know when you are up and running and we will do the same–there is courtesy in blogging, too!

  3. Hi Ms. Smith,

    Somebody who is always courteous would be my Mom. It definitely helps during the day when I get home. One thing I can never remember to do or haven’t learned very well is be patient. I always forget that one, need to work on it. I tend not to notice people forgetting social manners sometimes as it doesn’t really make a difference to me. Does it matter to you?

    Talk with ya later,

    1. I think it is much easier to ignore missing “pleases” and “thank yous” than disrespectful or abrupt tone. We communicate so much more through our faces and bodies than through our choice of words. I am not just talking about kid to adult, I find disrespect from adult to kid much worse, as it is so much more damaging. It is quite sad how often people hurt each other. We need to put much more “good” into the world, and courtesy is one simple but powerful way to do that. What do you think, Greyson?

  4. Hello, Ms Smith!
    It’s me, Jane
    Sometimes, I forget to say “May I…” Instead of “Can I…” Even though they might sound as though they mean the same thing…they don’t.

  5. Ms. Crawford is a great secretary. The signs look really cool. I noticed some people don’t obey the signs though. I like her new computer mouse!

    P.S. I made the “say please” Sign.

  6. Cool Posters. But, I still think that mine is the best! I also like Zach’s, Reid’s, Matt’s, and Liam’s posters. I’m glad we put them up because I think it really helped Mrs. Crawford. From Keenan … bye!

  7. Ms Crawford is by far the best secretary this school has ever had and ever will have. The signs are having some impact but I am still seeing some misbehavior and I hope it improves.
    Sincerely Andrew

  8. Mrs Crawford has a quite hard job being the best secretary I know. I can’t imagine someone that works in this school that is nicer and more helpful than her if we need something.
    We made the posters so people that don’t like waiting will have better manners if she is busy talking on the phone.

  9. Hi, one person that I sometimes under appreciated is my Mom. She does a lot including; washing clothes, doing dishes, cleaning the whole house, baking, making all my meals and many more.

    Bye for now, Max

  10. I think that was good that we did that, I think she really appreciated it. Mine was Always knock knock knock. I made sure to make it colorful.


    1. You know, that little tooth-shaped container kids get when they lose a tooth at school. Keeps the tooth safe until the Tooth Fairy can visit and make the financial transaction.

  11. I think that the queen of the universe should be treated with respect and that the queen should not give me home work because she loves me, right?

  12. That is just the way I would want to be treated.
    I think that those signs will encourage students to be more thoughtful.

  13. Wow Mrs.Crawford Is amazing I could never think of having to deal with that many people in one day. I hope the signs will help.

  14. I think Zach is especially courteous and kind to other people. It doesn’t make as much difference to me as it dose to everybody else. I haven’t forgot any of those yet and I hope I don’t ever! P.S of course I’ll drop in again!

  15. I think that Liam is especially courteous because he doesn’t think of himself as much as he thinks of others! Do not worry I will drop in again!

  16. What a nice way to get the students to interact with other members of staff and show them that they care. I would most certainly feel appreciated and valued if someone did this for me.

    One of the teachers at our school is always incredibly polite. Lots of “please” and “thank you’s” and simply being appreciative of the time you give him to help him out. I think manners are very important and it is nice to see there are people out there who still use them.

    I think it is important to remember our manners and look for the positives in people rather than harping on all the negatives. It helps to build a stronger team of teachers.

    1. Karla, so well put: “look for the positives in people rather than harping on all the negatives”. We all need that reminder! Thanks for visiting.

  17. Thank you to everyone who made such lovely comments. I am humbled by it. It is easy to be nice to such a great group of kids and staff. I love going to work everyday.

    I love it when you all come in in the morning and say good morning to me too.

    Thanks again

  18. Wow I say our class did a pretty good job I bet Mrs. Crawford must be pretty happy with the way people are treating her now.

  19. Hello!My name is Myra,I love the videos you have added to your blog!Maybe Mrs.Quirk’s blog(My class)should add some videos to ours as well!I think I will mention the idea to her,thanks Huzzah!

  20. What a great way to show your appreciation for someone who is very important to your school. School secretaries do so many things in one day and always seem to be smiling as they go. I smiled when I read your sentence comparing Mrs Crawford to the Energizer Bunny.

  21. What a nice way to get students to understand how offices are run. By doing this activity they are reminded to wait and be courteous to the person behind the desk. Just because you have a problem doesn’t mean it’s someone else priority. I think we easily forget sometimes all the work others have to do and go unrecognized.

  22. Hey it’s me again, Leah, from mrs. Quirk’s class. I was checking out your pictures and saw a couple that were from car painting day. That was so awesome! It would be soo cool if our teacher ould let us do that!! You guys are lucky!

    P.s. You should check out our blog too at: To see all of the stuff we get to do and comment!

  23. I rerally love your blog! I am a fifth grade teacher qand I am so impressed of your well put together blog.

  24. Hey,
    I like your photos about respect because they are cool, colourful and encouraging. I think it was a good idea to post them because it encourages people to respect others and elders.

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