Stop! Don’t Talk to Me!


Dot hand

I’m not that interesting. The action is really next door in the sidebar. Right there—> on the right—>in the sidebar.

Now, you may have come here because my good friend Miss Wyatt, that knitter of student bloggers, has told you to come and leave a comment. Not that you should ignore her direction–just consider yourself redirected.

So look right: there’s so much interesting reading. Words worth your time. Read some. Ponder some. Comment some.

Here is just a handful of what you’ll find:

  • Meghan gallops off on one of her favourite animals
  • Jack features a brave Greek who went after a monster
  • Matt tells you about two adorable four-legged friends
  • Arwen keeps you guessing
  • Liam ponders the universe
  • Kendra wraps up an exciting k9 adventure (you’ll want to read all four parts!)
  • Laina wonders about bad hair days
  • Keenan invites you into a Lego tale
  • Molly looks down and sees blue
  • Mathew discusses the future
  • Greyson rats out his teacher for being a loser
  • Charlie goes to the dogs
  • Max lols
  • Jordan makes me hungry
  • Darion does, too
  • Amber rolls the dice
  • Maya follows an amazing journey
  • Orion offers you a chocolate bar
  • Noah plays games
  • So does Daniel
  • Andrew plays on two wheels
  • Ethan plays on four wheels
  • Zach shares dog and cat stories
  • Jane reveals all about Larry
  • Reid remembers Summer fun
  • Jared, well, no surprise here: Jared talks about turtles

So, I am seriously serious.

Don’t talk to me, talk to the Huzzahnian bloggers. I am going to close the door on comments. Have a nice day.

Image: Dot hand by Tjook