Tell us ABOUT yourself…

questions_oberazziReaders arrive with questions:

Who is this writer? What are his interests? What is her personality like? Do we have anything in common?

Your “About” page might just be the first place a reader goes to find out.

Your blog is a reflection of your personality.

Miss Wyatt’s post gives some directions and examples of ways to write your “About” page. We have already reviewed the advice to be “internet savy” by making wise decisions about our writing and blog content.

Take a look at these about pages from last year: Daniel C, Nicholas, Catie, and Rebecca. Notice how they tell you just enough about their personality without saying WHO they are.

This post will be a PAGE on your blog.

Your “About” page shows your voice: who and what you feel strongly about, your sense of humour, your passion and compassion–what drives you.

Look at the draft of your “About” page. What one word most captures who you are?

Image: Questions by oberazzi,  Creative Commons license.


  1. Very cool, Josh! I would love to see how that works for you. You are using it on your Mac, right? I hope everyone had a fabulous day today. I am really sorry to have missed it.

  2. Hi Huzzah! and Division 4,
    We are a Grade 5 and 6 class from Victoria, Australia who have been developing our class blog over the year.

    Part of that is communicating with other grades around the world. We liked the look of your blog, our class catchphrase is ‘fab!’

    We really like some of the ideas on your blog!

    We are at
    Come and visit us!

    From S7

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