Hello, it’s Us!

Hello, bloggers we haven’t met yet!

We are a friendly, curious, and crazy group of grade 6 & 7 students in a classroom in a school in a small town on the left coast of Canada. We invite you to read our About Me and Where I Live pages on our student blogs, listed in the sidebar.

Find out who is into kickboxing, skiing, VR, reading, hammer throw, basketball, tennis, YouTube, scootering, gymnastics, writing, hockey, gaming, soccer, cooking, robotics, unicorns, snowboarding, dance, geography, horseback riding… I think you’ll agree that we are a very interesting crew.

We look forward to meeting you on your blog, so please leave your url with your friendly comment.


  1. Hi Jan and all of your Huzzahnians!

    Congratulations on everything you have done so far on your blog. It’s pretty inspiring for those of us just starting out with class blogging.

    We are a class of 34 Year 4/5 students in Perth, Western Australia. We live near the coast in the suburb of North Beach. And yes, it’s as ‘beachy’ as it sounds.

    Once we get ourselves organised and set up, we will share our url so you can take a peak. In the meantime, keep up the amazing creative work you are doing.

    All the best
    Mrs Curry and the kids in Room 4

    1. Hi Mrs. Curry and kids in room 4!
      Thank you for the lovely compliment. We wish you luck as you launch your blog.
      My daughter spent 3 months in Perth last year beginning in June so she missed your summer. We are just beginning to see more sunny days here and are looking forward to some warmth.
      Blogging is very rewarding though it can be frustrating at times. We wish you the best of luck.
      Jan Smith and the Huzzahnians

  2. Hello Huzzahnians
    My year 8 class and I are from little old New Zealand. I love the look of your blog so far! I can’t wait to get everyone commenting on your posts when we get back from our 2 week holiday. We already have a little connection with Canada with all my Toronto Blue Jays shirts hanging from the ceiling.

    We have only just tried posting a few things on our blog. We will get into it properly very soon. Feel free to have a look if you like.

    Mr C and 8T10

    1. Hi Mr. C and 8T10!
      Welcome to the blogosphere–it’s a whole new world. I hope you class finds it satisfying–my students say it’s hard work, but worth the effort.
      A Blue Jays fan–very cool. Our minds are on hockey for the most part at the moment.
      We look forward to connecting.
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

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