Cats? Dogs? Or Cats & Dogs?

A Tender Moment
Stephanie via Compfight

 Most people I know like animals. Many LOVE animals. And those who love animals  often have a cat or a dog–or both–or many of both!–for family pets. Sometimes, they have strong feelings about which make better pets, felines or canines.

This week students shared their preferences for these special animal companions, supporting their stance with a list of reasons.   They made their posts pop with Flickr Creative Commons images which they inserted using the Compfight widget. Students are beginning to understand that to use someone else’s creations (writing, photos, audio, video, etc.) you have to have permission and give the person credit (attribution) for their work.

So take a look at these terrific new posts. Click on the names below. Looks like there is a definite bias in favour of barking and panting over meowing and purring.

     Cats      Cats
& Dogs   














Brooke L. 










Tyler B



Tyler M.

Brooke J.




But you have your own opinions, I bet! So agree, disagree, and share you thoughts. These bloggers are waiting to hear from you!

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  1. I am definitely a dog person. I have a very sweet golden retriever at home named Ty. But my daughters are split. Bailey is a cat person and loves our kitty PomPom and Syders is a dog person and has always had a special bond with Ty.

    1. Hi Mrs. Pearson, we have two goldens! The are special family members for sure. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

  2. I love animals as well. I have two dogs so I guess that makes me a dog person but my brother has a cat and I also love his cat. But I love any animals and if I have to chose one I’d chose dogs.

    1. Hi Natalie,
      I do prefer dogs but I must say, kittens are pretty adorable. If cats could stay kittens forever I would switch my loyalty! Don’t tell my dogs though. 🙂
      ~Ms. S.

    1. Hi Lawrence, a small pet is a great stepping stone (metaphorically speaking–don’t step on your brother’s hamster!) I bet if you and your brother take good care of it, your mother may be more inclined to get a larger pet.
      Good luck,
      Ms. Smith

    1. Hi Emily, I think you will others who are in agreement with you. Take a look at the chart above–I was surprised to learn how many have both. I wonder if their cats and dogs get along as these two pets have such opposite temperaments.
      Thanks for commenting,
      Ms. Smith.

  3. I can’t decide! I love both so much, but I only have a dog. When ever I go to my friends house and they have cats I will play with them forever though! It’s so much fun to play with a dog too! You can go outside and just run and throw a stick and they will fetch it.

  4. I can’t decide which animal I like, so I’ll have to categorize myself in cats and dogs. I have two cats and recently had a dog, so I love them both. Visit our blog at, we have many categories. Our class has recently wrote Halloween stories.

    1. Hi Isaac, I visited your blog and left a comment–you are doing a great job. Thanks, and please keep writing more interesting posts.
      Ms. Smith

  5. Hi Ms. Smith, I think this is very well written, and this sounds like a very nice project. I personally like dogs more than cats, although I used to own both. My school has a blog as well here’s the link —

  6. I am most definitely a cat person. It annoys me a bit with the majority of people liking dogs better than cats but that’s just me. I have a cat at home that was a stray for a while. She makes super loud purrs but never meows. She really likes new people and if she knows you she will follow you around everywhere! She even took a selfie one time by herself! But my aunt has a dog that is fully grown but is super tiny. I’d say both are super cute though!

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