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Holiday Cheer Through Silly Gifts

On the last day of school we held a Wacky Gift Exchange. The rules were simple: bring a wrapped, non-store bought gift, and secretly give it to Ms Smith.
Ahead if time we talked about the difference between Wacky and Junky: ie a Barbie is ok, but a Barbie with hair cut off and marker on her face is not. The gifts ranged from helpful to hilarious, and there was a lot of laughing.
Here’s how the worked:
  • The pile of gifts was placed in the middle of our circle of chairs.
  • Student names were randomly drawn.
  • The first person chose a gift from the pile and opened it, saying: “Wow, I always wanted a…..”
  • The group responds with ooohs and aaahs.
  • The rest of the people, in turn, can take from the pile or “steal” from another person, who can either take from the pile or “steal” from another player.
  • Gifts can be stolen only three times.
  • The very last player can take any gift.

As you can see in the slide show below we had a blast and everyone had a great attitude about the “gifts” they received.

(I am experimenting with different slide show formats–let me know what you think of this Image Loop. I do find ads & logos distracting, but is this tool still worth using?)