Favourite Things

When you ask people about their favourite things, you hear about more than an object. You begin to understand what they care about, what gives their lives excitement and purpose. Often these objects connect them to other people and their community. These things don’t tell the whole story of someone’s life, but they act as symbols that give you insight into what makes them tick. An object is not someone’s identity, but taking time to notice it can help you appreciate their unique qualities.

Today is Orange Shirt Day. We’ve learned about the consequences of trying to erase the identities of Aboriginal children in Residential School in past decades.  Taking a young girl’s treasured orange shirt from her is a symbol of that assimilation.

We conducted short interviews to find out the significance of objects to who we are. Take a look at some of our favourite things and read about their connection to our identity, below.

If you are a visitor to our blog, tell us about your favourite thing, from now or when you were younger, and why it is significant to you.





    1. Hi,
      I interviewed someone today who really loves soccer! She likes spending the majority of her time kicking her ball around her big yard. It makes her happy to be playing with her ball. Her sister and herself both play in teams so I guess she would have to practice quiet often. Between her dad, who coaches a team, and her sister who is on the soccer field practically 24/7 she is home alone almost all the time. Soccer sounds fun maybe I should try it out!
      Arielle, http://huzzah.edublogs.org/

  1. Hey Ms. Smith!

    My partner in this interview used her pointe shoes to represent herself. She dances in them once a week for thirty minutes after thoroughly warming up to avoid blisters for another 30 minutes. It’s her favorite style of dance, as it connects her to her friends, her dance studio, and the community!

  2. Hello, I’m Connel. Today I interviewed someone who loves to bake. She bakes cupcakes and she bakes all of them except for red-velvet. She tried to make them but it didn’t work. When she was two and a half, she baked all the time with her dad. Sometimes she feels like she has flour in her face.
    Sincerely Connel.

  3. Hi Ms. Smith
    The person I interviewed loves to play the guitar, she plays it every day mostly to her family. When the music flows through the room it makes her feeling happy and musical. The best part is her teacher is in a band called Trouble (its one of her favorite bands.)
    Here is our class blog http://huzzah.edublogs.org/

  4. Hi Ms. Smith,
    The classmate I interviewed loves fishing. Even though he was not able to bring his fishing rod to school, he still loves it. This classmate finds fishing very exiting when caching a fish but he also knows that he has to be very patient. I guess that is just part of fishing. His grandpa was a very good fly fisher and has taught him how to fish very well. He also loves fishing with friends.

  5. I interviewed someone who really likes soccer and their soccer ball. He also brings his soccer ball to his soccer practice and on his free time he likes to play soccer in his backyard or in a soccer field. When he first started playing soccer he felt that he was really bad at it. His object/soccer ball connects with the players on his team because he practices with them and goes to soccer games with everyone on his team.

    – Kaiya

    1. Hello
      In my school almost all guys like to play the ball and when it comes to the range the football field filled with people.
      goodbye kaiya

  6. The classmate I interviewed loves gymnastics. Her favorite thing is her gymnastics report card. She uses the report card to mark down what current skill she is working on, and when she finally learns that skill she writes it down and looks at her progress. She goes to gymnastics on weekdays and weekends, so basically her favorite thing records her progress on her skills!


  7. Hi Mrs. Smith, I interviewed someone who loves drawing (just like me). In her picture she has a sketch book and she draws in it once or twice daily. When she draws she feels happy, joyful and calm. The way her drawing connects with her family is she occasionally draws her family members and/or her cat. Her drawings also connect with the community because she tends to draw landscapes of the Comox Valley.

    From Jayden

  8. Dear Ms. Smith,
    The classmate that I got to interview loves acting so her object was a picture of theater masks to resemble her love of theater. Acting is a big part in this girl’s life. She says she loves acting and singing. She has been in 13 plays including school productions, most of them are with a company called Rainbow Youth Theater. She says that when ver she gets an email from the director saying who got what part she feels so proud and accomplished, no matter if she gets the lead role or a small part, she enjoys it all. She has a very tight group of friends that she loves to hang out with backstage. Her mother and older brother both act as well that is how she got into acting. One of her favorite parts about acting is getting to perform on stage and making people happy. I have watched many plays of hers and she is incredible at what she does.

  9. Hello Ms.Smith,
    My partner got his shirt from Whistler. It represents that he likes skiing and that he has been to Whistler. He likes to wear it while he goes skiing at Mt. Washington and whistler. His shirt reminds him of skiing and being happy. It makes him connect with his family because they all got similar shirts.


  10. Hi Mrs.Smith
    I interviewed someone in our class and his object was a hockey puck because he likes to play road hockey on his road. He mostly plays road hockey on the weekends. He likes to play hockey because it makes him feel happy because he loves to do it. His family likes to watch hockey and his dad brother and him play hockey together.

  11. I interviewed someone who likes basketball, they have a net in their driveway that they practice on. The backboard is clear and it has a movable net.He bought it with his own money so he has lots of pride for it. Practice will help when he is on a future basketball team.

  12. Hello to all who read this!

    I interviewed someone who’s item was a basketball,

    He plays basketball for the community and he loves it. He is really good at it and he practices every day. Maybe he will one day be a professional basketball player when he is older. I wonder if he can do a slam dunk while holding onto the hoop, it looks hard because the hoop is high up who knows! Maybe he will even one day play against Micheal Jordan!
    That is all, bye!


  13. I interviewed a classmate that loves skipping. She picked a skipping rope because she likes to be active. After school she skips in her back yard for 10 minutes. At her old school in Quebec she won it doing Jump Rope for Heart. She remembers being in kindergarten and not being good at skipping.

    – Kayley

  14. Today I interviewed someone that loves the sport basketball. On his free time he plays games of basketball out front of his house. Occasionally when he has lots of time he takes his basketball over to a school court. He says it is very entertaining when he does water bottle flips with his basketball. He bounces the ball which flips the bottle. Basketball is one of his favorite sports. His words are when ever he bounces the basketball it makes him more enthusiastic which makes him play better. He has his own basketball which his dad bought for him a few years ago. Basketball is a fun sport
    By Blake

  15. Hello readers of Huzzah,

    Today I did an interview with a classmate and this is how it went.

    My interviewee’s object was a basketball. He loves to use his special basketball for ways other than shooting hoops. He plays lots of other games like four square. he practices at a court near a school in his free time.

    Some feelings he has with basketball is before a game he practice and that makes him psyched for the game and he’s in his zone. He got his ball in Portland at a sports shop. His Dad showed him the basketballs and they were only $2.50. He was super happy, he bought five and he gave four to a few of his cousins and kept one. This ball is his lucky ball, he has another one in better condition, but he finds this one works better.

    That is all in this interview, I hope you liked it.


  16. I interviewed someone who loves driving a remote control car. In his spare time he goes to the skate park and drives his remote control car on medium size ramps. He told me that he is scared that he will break it. I asked him if people like to watch him and he said yes.


    1. Hello
      I also met a person who also walk in the skate park to drive a remote control car, but he does not like people to comment on what he does.
      kaya goodbye.

      1. Hello Nadia
        Do you know what kind of car it is? is it a monster truck, jeep, Ram? That kind of stuff. Do you have a remote control car? I do it is a green jeep. My brother has an orange monster truck.
        Sincerely Kaya

  17. I interviewed someone that likes world globes. The globe is tool to help him with geography and it makes him really smart. It helped him get 2 place in the Geography Challenge. His family likes the globe because it will make him a smart person.


  18. The girl I interviewed really likes the Harry Potter books, number 4 and 7. She’s read number 7 about 8 times, and number 4 about 2 times. She loves reading, she will read anywhere. She feels rather happy when she is reading, and she gets so into the book that she just can’t stop reading. Her favorite series is Harry Potter.

  19. Hello to anyone reading this.

    I interviewed someone who has an item that they like a lot because of how it looks and how it protects him when at the skate park doing tricks. If he accidentally messes up on a trick the rest of his body might get hurt but the most important part of his body won’t. Sometimes when he’s riding something to school just in case he falls off he’ll be protected from hard surfaces like concrete and that’s his favorite thing.


  20. I interviewed a girl that likes horse back riding. When she first started riding she could not do a trot. She loves riding with her 4 best friends and likes doing BIG jumps. Her horseback riding helmet has been special to her ever since she started 3 years ago. She loves horse back riding and she really likes it a lot.


  21. My partner that I did my interview with, likes to play with art. In her picture she is holding her pencil crayons and her sketching book. With this object you can color and draw. She feels happy when she is drawing. Drawing runs in her family. She is really good at coloring. Every day and she looks up to other artists. She practices a lot and she has been drawing/coloring since she was just a little girl.


  22. Today I interviewed someone who loves Gymnastics. She practices in her backyard. She does crazy tricks like front flips and front handsprings! After she is finished she is very tired. Her family even watches her do lots of tricks. Her friends also sometimes practice with her. It seems like she loves gymnastics.


  23. I interviewed a person who deeply enjoys playing Hockey.

    His Ice Hockey puck represents his love and enthusiasm toward the famous sport; it connects him to close friends, other fans, the community and the nation. It is amazing how much he feels for it.

    I think it’s the thrill and suspense on the ice the rush as he flies on the rink! My partner said that he likes to play anywhere in the Valley; every week with his team they work together and that is great.

    As a result I have seen that his love and excitement for hockey is the same for many people worldwide no matter what variation of it!

  24. The organism I interviewed enjoys his bike.
    He enjoys going off of jumps and said he gets 5 or more feet of air (how high he jumps up). It is special to him because his parents bought it for him. He likes to bike in forests and has a lot of fun and feels happy and good when he goes off of jumps.

  25. WOW … just getting into blogging and fell upon your site. You and your students are doing AMAZING things. Love the ‘favourite things’ video.
    Hoping to get my students interested and fluent at the art of blogging. Thanks for the great example.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      We’re glad you tripped over our blog! Once you get your blog up and running, please visit again and leave your blog url. We’d love to connect though blogging.
      Best wishes,

  26. Hi Mrs. Smith (and her clearly awesome class)
    Apparently, I underestimated you guys… I hang my head. You are indeed a cool class of kitties.
    I’m really glad that you learned about Orange Shirt Day. Our identities very important.

    I loved watching your video! I hope you all had fun making that. You all look like exceptionally epic people who are going to have a wonderful time abducting Mrs. Smith and taking her to your home planet- I mean… making your blogs and having fun!

    Kasandra says hi.

    Anyways, stay happy! See you in the future…

    ~Chantal <3


    1. Hi Chantal,
      Thanks for the compliment but don’t be sad your class may very well be as good as us. Thank you so much for responding I’m so exited to know that you will be reading our blogs. What’s high school like? Are you having fun? And do you like cats or dogs?
      Hope you have a great day.

  27. Hello to anyone reading this.
    I interviewed someone who has an item that they like a lot because of how it looks and how it protects him when at the skate park doing tricks. If he accidentally messes up on a trick the rest of his body might get hurt but the most important part of his body won’t because he is wearing a helmet. Sometimes when he’s riding something (like a bike or a scooter) to school just in case he falls off he’ll be protected from hard surfaces like concrete. And that’s his favorite thing: his helmet.

  28. The person I interviewed really likes hockey. He likes to shoot the the puck in the net.
    When this boy scores, he feels happy. His family is happy when when he scores.

    1. Hello Alex and Mario,
      Thank you for visiting our blog and for leaving your blog link. I agree computers and the internet allow us to do so much: your link connects us together across the Atlantic Ocean and eight time zones. I visited Portugal more than 50 years ago when I was a little girl and I still remember how beautiful it was. I have added your class blog to our blogroll. I hope we can connect again soon.
      ~Ms. Smith

    1. Hello Érica,
      As you can see, many of our students like to draw and paint. Being creative is important to them, too. They will have their own blogs soon so I hope you will visit them and see what they create.
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

    1. Hello Nádia,
      Some of our students have taken part in a race called the Tri-K known as a Race for All Racers that includes kids as young as five. Do you have a favourite part of the race–swimming, cycling, or running?
      Thank you for visiting our blog.
      ~Ms. Smith

    1. Hi Inês,
      We have many students who are interested in horseback riding. Some ride every week. Like you, they like taking care of horses as well as riding. Thanks for visiting our blog.
      Ms. Smith

    1. Hello Gabriel,
      I also like music for the same reasons as you: music can echo my mood and can change my mood, too. I like classical music when I am studying and old Delta blue when I am working in the kitchen. How about you?
      Thank you for visiting our blog,
      ~Ms. Smith

  29. Hello!
    My favourite thing it’s my dog Luna, I love Luna so much, I can’t imagine my life without her, she means a lot to me.
    Good bye

    1. Hi Luna, we have two golden retriever dogs named Luke and Solo. They are search and rescue dogs but also beloved pets. I know what you mean, life would not be the same without them.
      Thanks for visiting,
      Ms. Smith

    1. Hello, Margarida. We have several students in our class who do dance and gymnastics. I know some of them have also taken circus arts which is like acrobatics. Can you explain ‘mortals’ to me?
      ~Ms. Smith

  30. Hello Ms. Smith,
    Over the weekend my auntie came over and she asked if I wanted to straighten my hair with
    a iron. At first I thought that she was crazy but I said yes and it turned out to be a good idea.
    After she told me that she did it all the time wen she was in high school. He and my mom’s other sister would get up really early in the morning to do that to their hair.
    Sincerely Kaya

  31. Hello Ms. Smith
    I got my shirt in Whistler when I went skiing there 2 years ago. It is really nice up there, they say it’s the best place in Canada to ski, I believe that because it’s even better than Mt. Washington and Mt. Washington is awesome!


    1. Hi Ana Carolina,
      I like music of all kinds. One of my favourite shows is called So You Think You Can Dance.Have you ever heard of it? I really enjoy eating good food; I wish I was a better cook!
      Thanks for visiting our blog,
      Ms. Smith

    1. Hi Paulo, thank you so much for visiting our blog. It’s healthy to do things that help you unwind from the challenges of the day. I bet that all the activities you have described help with relaxing.
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

  32. Hi. I’m William.

    Favorite things are not just objects, but ideas and concepts.
    My favorite thing is my dog, a cute and fluffy shih-tzu that’s about 2.5 years old. He is entirely white except one and a half ears, which are colored brown. My dog is very social and loves to play with other dogs and people. You can find a picture on my blog

    My blog: http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/william9202022/

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