A Little Outdoor Art

Take a fence, take some wool, add some creativity and you get… well, a woven fence.

Hands at work.










Symmetrical weaving.

Symmetrical weaving.














Take a look at Huzzahnians at work:

It was a bit challenging at first to figure out how to work with the wire of the fence. I find it fascinating that students arrived at such different techniques in their weaving. Some incorporated natural elements, too.

Have you ever done any weaving? Would you try a project like this? Thank you for commenting!


  1. What a wonderful idea to wrap institutional wire in bright wool and fabric. I will be trying this with my grade 7/8 classes. Thanks, Jan and friends, as well, for setting me on my way to creating my first class blog!

    1. Hi there! This was a fun activity and one that we also shared with our buddy class of grade 3 students. We wish you the best of luck with your class blog–please come back and visit, leaving us your blog URL and we will connect with you in September.

  2. Greetings!
    This looks like a fun activity. I remember one time we planned out an American flag with plastic cups, pushing through the chain link fence with the color toward the street.

    I like this idea because everyone can create their own design and leave the art for the community to see and enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing the idea and pictures.

  3. Hello!
    I think that is a great idea for a class project. It sounds very interesting. I’ve never tried weaving, but I would like to try it with my class. Tomorrow, I’ll tell my teacher about the project and ask her if we could try it. If we do it, I will tell you about how it turns out. How did you get the idea to make the project?

    1. Hi Julia, I actually don’t remember where I heard about fence weaving. I hope you do try it–I was surprised by the ideas students came up with. Please let me know what happens!
      ~Ms. S.

  4. Dear miss Huzzah and class,
    YES, I have weaved with gimp. Gimp is rubber string and you can make so many different things with it. I made something called a ziper and the square. Have you or anyone ever used gimp and made something cool with it? Also I think that this would be a very insteresting and cool thing to try!

    your friend,

    1. Hi Julia, well I am guessing that Gimp must be close to 50 years old because I made those bracelets when I was at Brownie camp in the 1960’s! Some of the ideas from that sort of weaving translate well into fence weaving. How cool is that?
      Thanks for writing,
      -Ms. S.

  5. Hi!
    I was intrigued by the idea of a woven fence. I sometimes sew or try to finger knit but I have never thought that you could weave a fence. I wonder how many other things you could style with wool? I wonder if the birds took the wool to use for their nests? It would be pretty itchy for them!
    Thanks, Maya

    1. Hi Maya,

      I have left out the fluff from cat tails for birds to line their nests. It’s quite fascinating to watch them pull at the fluff. They don’t seem to mind that it’s itchy.

      I have seen many weavings, some made of wool, others of fibers like metal or silk–or both. I like to knit, but I am not as good at it as my mother was and my sister is. They spent more time at it than I have–and I know that if I devoted time to it to get better. There are plenty of sources for support online and locally, so if I want to become a better knitter…I…just…have…to…do…it!

      ~Ms. S.

  6. Hello Ms. Smith!

    What a great video this is! The editing was fantastic, and the music was great! These pieces of art are very beautiful and very original. I love how every piece of art has something unique about it, just like the person that made it. Did you know some are still on the fence right now? I love the bright and vibrant colors that you used! perhaps we might be able to do the same art this year?

    Yours truly,

    Renee 🙂

    1. Hi Renée (notice I got your accent in–I will show you how to do that yourself!)
      I think I would like to redo this–I know Gillian remembers this experience fondly. I think I would do a little more teaching and practice ahead of time. Some people were very confident while others really played it safe. I do love the unique designs and looking to see what this crop of Huzzahnians will come up with!
      Thanks for commenting,
      ~Ms. Smith

  7. Hey Ms. Smith,
    I think that it would be very cool to do a weaving activity because, since I have never weaved before I think it would be cool to learn. Although my weaving wouldn’t look all that great at first it would still be a great thing to try out. I hope that we get to try an activity like this during this year!
    Your biggest fan, Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      I think students have convinced me to do this activity again next year! You’d be surprised by the designs you create. I’m sure you’ll find it satisfying.
      I have fans?!? How thrilling!
      ~Ms. S.

  8. Hello Ms. Smith
    That’s real cool. I hope we will do that this year. I like all the different shapes and colours.
    Your Freind Cade

  9. Hi Ms. Smith,

    I like all the colours of the of the different wool shapes. I even still see them outside when I go hang out with my friends. I don’t know how to wove, so can you teach me how to this year?

    ETHAN P 🙂

  10. Dear Ms. Smith,

    I think it’s very creative how you had your students weave on a fence. I could probably never figure or think to do that. How did you even think about that idea? You and your students look very artistic and creative with what you do. What class do you teach your students? Language arts, art, or is it something else?

    1. Hi Shane, like many of my ideas, Mrs. Google told be. I saw variations on weaving on fences on several art blogs, and well, I was inspired. My student and their buddies had a great time. I teach all subjects except music, so I am really grateful that I get to know them really well.
      Thanks for asking,
      ~Ms. Smith

  11. Hello Ms. Smith,
    I think those look really cool and interesting. I am hoping we get to do something like that in the future. Those look really fun to make and I think this year will be great. So far I am loving grade seven. I wonder how you make those, I’m super excited for a great year. My last one in ) elementary school, that is.

    Sincerely, Tyler M 🙂

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