You’re hired!

How to get your iPhone application approved by App Store

All of the applications for Gr. 7 student have been approved!

Well, based on the outstanding applications submitted by potential Huzzahnians (and the fact that underneath her harsh and prickly exterior she is a softy), Ms. Steak has chosen to  HIRE ALL OF THEM!

These future bloggers will be busy in the coming months  becoming chemists, literary critics, historians, mathematicians, musicians, athletes…and Huzzahnians.

They will soon be finding time to visit blogs, to read, and leaving meaningful comments. The 7s at Hey, Kids! have already modelled high quality in blog communications (see their comments on our last post), so we will aim to match their standards.

Congratulations, Huzzahnians. You are off to a great start.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words in your most recent post! We are sorry that no Huzzahnians are available for hire here in Florida. I would still love to learn about the hypnotizing ferris wheel, so we will stay in touch!
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    1. Ah well, sounds like you have a pretty amazing crew of your own: clearly there is no shortage of talent in Florida. I truly appreciate the thoughtful commenting, and I know it comes from thoughtful teaching. Glad we’ll hear more from you! ~Ms Smith

      1. Thanks, we are learning. Your Commenting Guidelines slide show is great. It really helps when kids deliver the same message the teacher has been trying to deliver. And thanks again for your kind responses. You live up to your message “notice the successes and not the mistakes”.
        I am presenting at a national conference in December. The title of my session is “Beginning to Blog”, and it will be in Orlando, Florida. If you don’t mind, I’d love to use Huzzah! as an example of a blog that really helped me get started.

        1. I’m glad the guidelines were useful to you. This year’s students have not yet gone through the process of writing their commenting guidelines–we will get to it soon. I am very excited for you that you will be sharing your learning with colleagues–lucky them. I am honoured that we had a part in your entrance into blogging.

  2. Hear ye hear ye

    Hello Huzzanians I am one of the 7th graders from Mrs. Donofrio’s class. I am happy you think we have high standards but I LOVE your humor unicorns with mustaches I would love one. It sounds like being a Huzzanian is fun and funny.


    1. Hi Cogan, I think you have the sense of humour that our class needs. I am also looking to recruit a unicorn (clean shaven or otherwise) so let me know if you find us one. You are always welcome to come and hang out with us. We will stop by our blog as a class soon.
      Ms. S.

      1. Well I was hoping Adena would give everyone a unicorn with a moustache. Thank you for the compliment I am happy you like my since of humor. If you visited Mrs.Donofrio’s blog you probably saw the Pastries with Parents video witch means we have pastries with our parents (obviously) once a year do you do that at your school?


        1. Hi Cogan, Pastries with Parents sounds like a great first of school get together. I loved all the pictures of the parents, sons, daughters, and siblings, too. We have a smaller scale open house, sometimes called a Mug and Muffin Mingle. I like the coffee part :). It’s a nice way to meet parents and show of our school.
          Thanks again for commenting,
          Ms. S.

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