Say Your Say!

Do you like sharing your opinions? Do you know things about things? Do you like helping people learn? Of course you do! So do Huzzahnians. All Grade 6 & 7 students are conducting inquiry research on a wide variety of topics from Samurai to guitars, and trench warfare to traditional fishing practices. Many students want to gather information and opinions from people around the world. Not all projects suit surveys, but the ones below do. Please help these learners out!

**When you finish the survey and submit your results you can select “see previous responses” to learn what others said!

It’s survey time!  Our surveys are now closed–we are grateful to you for all your support!

Kyle thinks skateboarding is cool. Do you?

Kehana asks you who does the laundry at your house?

Chelsey asks for your thoughts on Kenneth Oppel

Charlie likes chocolate and wants to know if you do, too

Kenzie is interested in your thoughts on another winter sport: snowboarding

Bekkam wants your thoughts on hockey skates

Dylan is curious about going fishing.

Mya wants to know about ironing and irons

Brianne wants your opinion about drinking tea

Sophie is curious about your taste in music

Summer would like to know how you feel about visiting your dentist

Tristan wants to know about your video game habits

Mara is curious about telephones and cell phones

Colt thinks you might have a thing or two to say about hats

Caitlyn asks how do you listen to music?

Reece wonders what you would say about goalie masks

Julia is into skiing and has questions for you

Colton believes you know a thing or two about hockey helmets

Do you have any suggestions for us to help improve our survey writing?  Should we have asked different questions? Formatted them another way? Thanks again for taking the time to support these students.   Thanks again to all those who filled in the surveys. We used the data to understand out topics and we shared the results at our Heritage Fair.


  1. Dear Huzzanians! As an ESL teacher myself trying to get blogs working at my school, I am a regular visitor to Huzzah! I look for ideas and try to monitor what you do. Just to say: great work again! By the way, perhaps there is a reason but some surveys cannot be accessed: Mara’s, Chelsey’s, Charlie’s, Kehana’s, and Julia’s. Good luck on you! Kind regards, Victor Honig – Zutphen – The Netherlands

    1. Hi Victor, the students are thrilled that you stopped by and gave feedback. Yes, a few surveys were not completed at the time I published, but I wanted the ones that were ready to get going. The others will be up soon. I hope you have time to visit them when they are ready. Many thanks for your support of these young learners.
      Best wishes to you on your blogging journey,
      Jan Smith

  2. Hi Huzzahians!

    We love your survey questions, so you can expect to receive a great deal of responses today from us. Looking forward to hearing about the results!

    Mr. Miller and Class

    1. Hi Mr. Miller and our Pirate friends. We saw your responses and are grateful you took the time. Did you know that on the surveys you can see the results after you have finished by clicking on “See summary of responses”? I think that is a cool feature of Google forms. Thanks again for helping us out.

  3. I filled out all those surveys and some were cool,funny, and weird. My favorite one was Kyles. Visit my blog.

    1. Wow, Travis! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the surveys–that’s a lot of reading! We will be visiting you–look for a dot from Vancouver Island.

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