Enjoying the Holiday Spirit

The last week before holidays includes a bit of fun and creativity. Here we are after our concert, looking festive following our rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.

Jingle Bell Rockers

Some things we do at this time of year are secret, and some things we share right away.

We were inspired by the Grade 3 students of Our Forest to make door swags as gifts for our families. We had our pruners ready to hit the woods to collect some cedar boughs (this is permitted on Crown Land that is not park land), but the day turned out to be a very rainy, stormy one. It looked like we would be drenched.

Luckily for us, another class was making centrepieces and we got some of their remaining cedar, fir, and holly. Thank you, Mrs. Harris!  Take a look at the fun we had.


    1. Dear Forest Friends–thank you for the inspiration–we had a lot of fun making these–and gosh, hey look great! Happy holidays to all our woodland friends. Ho Ho HO~

    1. I think you should come to BC and get some genuine West Coast cedar. I will even give you some ribbon and Christmas balls, and I’ll handle the holly for you. Thanks so much for stopping by, Eloise.

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