Vegemite: a new taste sensation?

We had the honour of welcoming Miss Wyatt–international superstar of the edublogging world–to our classroom, along with her four-legged friend Davo the Tasmanian Devil. We had a lovely chat about the wonders of Tasmania and she described for us her grand North American Adventure. Since leaving us, he has already written a post about her visit to our class, Mrs. Braidwood’s class and the Comox Valley.

Davo met Mac the Huzzahnian Chicken, and we all had a photo op. We look fab!

Miss Wyatt showered us with gifts! Aussie stamps, books on Tasmania and about “Tassie Devils”, which Mac enjoyed immensely.

Mac learns about Davo

And–what’s this? a tube of Vegemite. It’s a popular spread for toast. Popular in Australia, that is.

Vegemite is this big.

We got out the crackers, did a little spreading, and sniffing, and some of us had a taste. Then we did some writing.

“The container looks like a  small yellow tube of toothpaste. I thought the paste would look like garlic spread, white with specks of green in it. But to my surprise, it looked like chocolate.” –Chelsey

“When I got my Vegemite, it blobbed out of the tube onto my cracker. I had expected it to be humus colored, but it turned out to be a dark, blackish brown goop, sort of like melted chocolate. Before I ate it, I thought that it might have a peanut butter-like texture. I thought that it would taste like peas, cucumber and asparagus mixed in a blender. I was wrong!” –Jared

“Vegemite is a good source of Vitamin B and Folate and is made from fermented yeast, a component found in bread. Funnily enough, Vegemite is usually served on bread. Yeast is grown on barley, by the way. Want some more big words? Vegamite includes Niacin, Thiamine and Riboflavin, three minerals/vitamins that are good for you (maybe…).”  –Griffin

Spreading gets an audience

Some positive reviews and enthusiasm:

“I thought Vegemite would be yellow and like peanut butter, and I thought it would be very yummy. Well, I was right that it’s yummy. But it is nothing like peanut butter–it’s dark black like chocolate. I thought it was super yummy, delicious, but most of the other kids thought it was very different.”  –Kyle

Thumbs up!

Silly thumbs up!

Some dubious faces:

Want mine?

Some were, well, not fans of Vegemite.

No thank you.

More reviews:

“Vegemite,  a gift from the devil. The outside looks like a fattened bottle of tooth paste colored bumble bee yellow, with Vegemite printed big and bold on the front. But don’t be fooled by the outside, it’s the inside that’s the horror.” –Colton


“Apparently it’s been made since 1923 by Kraft foods (sorry Kraft! I like your dinner!) so it must be an acquired taste. However it is not a taste I wish to acquire! This was an off-putting experience, an experience that I wouldn’t do again.” –Colt

“I can tell that I had my salty face on and my sour face on. I could just feel myself starting to swallow and as I did slowly my face was turning up side down and my taste buds stood up right away. Then I knew I didn’t like it. I was in shock! –Julia

“It squelches out of the tube with the consistency of a slug and smells like manure mixed with a dash of burning rubber. According to hapless victims of Vegemite it is very salty. When the Vegemite was placed on my cracker I froze, the blood drained from my face and I shoved my bile back down my throat but only succeeded in making my throat burn. I would rather eat mulched toads than Vegemite. It looks like the offspring of a failed science experiment on the cracker, *sigh*.”  –Max

We did have fun with experiment, and as you can tell it let led to some great writing. Have you ever tasted anything from another country that was new to you? What was it like? What do Canadians eat that is unique to our country? And if you are an international guest, what food is part of your national identity?

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!


  1. Dear Ms.Smith

    I think this post is great. I love the pictures.
    I saw the post this morning at home and so did my mom, I showed her. She liked it.

    I thought the Vegemite was very smelly and looked like muddy chocolate. Although I am happy some people liked it. 🙂

    1. Well, how wonderful that you show the blog to your mother, Summer. It did look like chocolate, and I too am happy that people liked it.

  2. I have tried vegamite before and it was gross. I can tell some kids loved it and some kids did not like it at all. I was one of the kids who didn’t like it.

  3. Hi Mrs Smith,
    Yes, I have tried different foods from another country. When I first moved here all of the candy was new to me. I’ve gotten used to it but I still like M&Ms better than Smarties.

  4. Hello,
    I have tried a bunch of different foods in a bunch of different places and now I can say I have tried something new here in Comox. In that post one of my friends looks like like she did not like it and that it was the worst thing she has ever tasted. That is how I felt when I looked at that Vegemite.

  5. Hello,
    Although I’m not an international guest I have tried many international foods, one of which is Serbian and it’s called palacinke. It is kind of like crepes (VERY thin pancakes). Although you can put several things on them the best things are jam/jelly or SUGAR! They’re soft and melt in your mouth but when they’re being made, that is the best. The smell is hypnotizing and the thought of eating it makes you hungry.
    You should try them!
    From Mara

  6. Hello
    I think a food that is special to Canada is moose (not that I’ve had any) because I can’t think any where else where there is moose. I have tried Vegemite and man it is bad! I can’t believe some people liked it.

    Jack 🙂

    1. Well, I think people who are vegetarians can’t believe we eat meat, Jack. Isn’t the world an intersting place?

  7. I did not like Vegemite at all. It tasted like over salted Soy sauce. I was very happy when we got to write about it in our Quick Write because I couldn’t wait to explain the taste and appearance in gut-busting detail. Although I do thank Ms. Wyatt for bringing us a little bit of Tasmania to our class.

  8. Hi Ms.Smith!

    It was super fun meeting Ms.Wyatt. I learned a lot about Tasmania from her. Thanks for making it possible! But with the vegemite–I hated it was way too salty it was like soya sauce which I hate. I will not try it again ever! I have been to many different places in my 12 years. I have been to Mexico two times as well as California and Hawaii. All of their foods are really weird but I good weird. I did like it but I didn’t like a lot of it!

    Where have you been in the world? And did you like the food?
    Talk to you later!

    1. Hi Charlie, I have been to many countries in the world — over twenty-five. I have been fortunate enough to eat a wonerful meal off a large palm leaf in the Solomon Islands and have a fabulous Indian meal in Zanzibar. But one of the best things I ever tasted was fresh squeezed orange juice in Brazil after a long ocean voyage–yum!

  9. The Vegemite was MUCH too salty as if one had dropped a entire bottle of salt onto the bread and mixed in some blended bean paste! As for tasting foreign foods, apart from the Vegemite I haven’t really tasted any other foods from other countries. Although I do like Chinese food….

    1. Great description, Colt! I like Chinese food, too. My favourite is Wor Won Ton soup–I have even made my own dumplings!

  10. Dear Ms.Smith

    It seems that a lot of people have different opinions about Vegemite.I wasn’t at school so I didn’t try any but I am very curious about its taste. Although it sounded pretty gross the way Summer and Mara explained it. Did you like the Vegemite?


    1. Hi Sophie, I didn’t dislike vegemite, but I don’t think I would reach for it to put it on my toast. You are welcome to try it because I have crackers and the tube at my desk!

  11. I so enjoyed reading about your Vegemite experiences which came alive with your vivid descriptions. I too fall on the ‘never again’ side! It’s way too salty for my tastes.

    1. Thanks, Lesley!
      We did have a mixed experience, but I thought everyone was very brave. Where did you taste Vegemite?

  12. It was… different, very different from anything I ever had. It was like salty and bitter soya sauce but that’s what the Australian and surrounding places people like so I have different tastes than them.

  13. Hi Ms.Smith I have been to Quebec before and there was tons of different foods there like there is maple syrup lolipops and maple syrup popsicles!

    Have you ever been to Quebec?

    1. Hi Kehana, actually I have! I really liked Quebec, especially Old Ville. I went to a sugar shack–and guess what–I went with Miss Bulger!

      1. Hi Ms.Smith, Really? That is really cool have you been to the water park in Montreal! I have and it was a BLAST!!!! It is the best water park I have ever been to!!!

        1. No, not the water park, but I have been to both Montreal and Quebec City as well as cottage in the Laurentian hills. I do like water parks, though, and have been to some really fun ones.

  14. Hi Ms Smith

    I didn’t really get the question but I`ve eaten croissant I think they`re from a french place. I don`t know what is a important food to Canada.

    1. You’re right! Croissants are a delicious French pastry. Can you think of something you put on pancakes, Tristan?

  15. I have to say that I love this post, Vegemite is popular in not only Australia but New Zealand as well, its not to everyones taste – I love the look on the last persons face, Julia I think if reading the description is right, but its common to have it on toast in the mornings – in fact I did that this morning before I read the post. Love the descritpive writing of your students Mrs Smith its just a great, great post.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    1. Thank you kindly, Mr. Webb! Isn’t intersting how tastes and preferences vary around the globe? Sweet or savory … sour or bland… I think it is all quite fascinating. Cheers to you and your students!

  16. Hi again Mrs. Smith,

    I thought about the question some more and I’ve tried a few foods from different countries. For starters Vegemite was new and I’ve eaten sushi which is Japanese, Chop Suey and Chow Mein which is Chinese, and how could I forget delicious tacos and fajitas from Mexico. It’s tough for me sometimes to try new food because I get really nervous about the taste. I worry if it’ll taste really bad and make me want to vomit. I always hope it will taste as good as chocolate covered rainbows but I’m afraid I might be wrong.

    I know that maple syrup is Canadian and our bacon is super yummy. I’m pretty sure people around the world know about these foods. I think we’re famous for Timmies too.

    1. Like you, Tristan, I am often reluctant to try foods out of my comfort range, but you will find that your tastes broaden as you grow up. Yes, we do have yummy foods in Canada–maple syrup tops my list!

  17. Well!
    This is rather different. Last year we went geocashing and this year you are eating Vegemite. My Dad says it is gross. I haven’t ever had any. You certainly are a very different teacher (that was a compliment!). I have had food from another country, just in Canada. Unlike you, I have never been outside of this country. When we were making perogies (for the Heritage fair)we also made this really good type of dessert. I forget what it is called, but it is REALLY good! It was like eggs fried then dipped in sugar or something – I don’t remember much about it but it was really good! You should ask Mya, she would know. Have a great year!


    1. Meghan, would you say that most things with sugar are yummy? I would. I do like some savory and salty spreads, but like most in our class I have not aquired a taste for Vegemite. I know you will have a great year–keep stopping in!

  18. WOW! you guys really adventure! I don’t think I could of tried Vegemite but you guys did! My class didn’t do anything like that but we dissected squid, that was cool! Have you dissected squid? It’s so cool you live in Australia. I have never been there I live in the States so its not warm here anymore, bummer but oh well winter is coming!!! We do not have Vegemite in the States but one popular food from my state is cheese! Everyone here has to like cheese it’s the dairy state! Have a great year!!!
    ~Phoenix 🙂

    1. Hi Phoenix! We have never , ever dissected squid and I don’t want to! We actually live on Vancouver Island in B.C, Canada! I would love to go to Australia because there are lots of snakes there and I like snakes! Vegemite was disgusting! Just the smell made me gag! It looked chocolate but it sure didn’t taste like it judging from the faces of my classmates! It is turning into winter here too! It is chilly almost everyday but I can’t wait till it snows! You have a great year too!

      Reply written by: Max

  19. I have never tried Vegemite but|I don’t think I would like it because, it seemed like most people didn’t like it,and I don’t like a lot of unique tasting things.

  20. Hello
    I thought that Vegemite was a type of mustard but when I looked at it was black. I thought it was yellow but it was black. My mom said next time we come close to Tassi we should look for some. I said NO!

  21. The photos on this blog are very funny some the faces yous pulled are very funny personally I hate Vegemite but it looks like some of you guys love it if you want to check out our blog its the grapevine.

    1. Hi Monty, I believe we have you listed in our blogroll, but do remember to leave your blog address when you comment so we can visit you easily.

  22. As an Australian I LOVE vegemite. I am happy that people from overseas have tried vegemite. I actually come from Tasmania and having other people learn about the Tasmanian Devil is good. The Tasmanian Devil is endangered so Tasmanian scientists are trying so hard to find a cure.

  23. I love all the array of faces that the kids show in the pictures on the blog. I too have tried vegemite and did not care for the strong taste. I challenge you to try Marmite though, it is a similar product but has a very different taste and it is favoured by New Zealanders.

  24. Hi Mrs.Smith I am from Mrs.Braidwood’s class I tried the Vegeamite I thought it would be like peanut butter, truns out I was wrong! I did not like the vegemite it was way to salty for me! Do you like Vegemite?

    1. Hi Celina,
      I’m in Ms. Smith’s class and I had a similiar experience! Unfortunately I didn’t like Vegemite, but I think it was woth the try. I agree that it was salty. Way too salty.
      Bye for now!

  25. Hi Mrs. Smith and class. I am in Mrs. Braidwood’s class. I enjoyed reading your post about Vegemite and all the comments. Miss Wyatt honered us with a vist as well, when she left, we had a tube of Vegemite. We had no idea what it was but we tried it. I hated it as soon as I saw it. The way it looked, smelled and tasted was absolutley repulsive! I agree, it does look a lot like Chocolate, but it most certaintly didn’t taste that way! I hope that I never have to eat it again. By the way, have you ever had Marmite?

    1. Dear Maddie,
      I agree with you vegemite is not my thing and it tastes diferrent, I guess we aren’t used to eating it all the time and the new taste of it.
      Well Maddie thank you for commenting on our blog,
      by the way this isn’t Ms.Smith replying to you it is a student named Julia,

  26. Hi Mrs. Smith and class. I am in Mrs. Braidwood’s class. I enjoyed reading your post about Vegemite and all the comments. Miss Wyatt honored us with a visit as well, when she left, we had a tube of Vegemite. We had no idea what it was but we tried it. I hated it as soon as I saw it. The way it looked, smelled and tasted was absolutely repulsive! I agree, it does look a lot like Chocolate, but it most certainly didn’t taste that way! I hope that I never have to eat it again. By the way, have you ever had Marmite?

    1. Hi Maddie.

      Yes I agree, Vegemite is not the tastiest thing I have ever had that’s for sure. It looked a lot like chocolate but did not taste like it at all.

      No I have never tried Marmite. What is it? It sounds like Vegemite but more sushi-ish. Although I could be wrong.

      Write me back!

  27. Hi Ms. Smith

    My name is Dharma and I am from Ms. Braidwoods class and we also tried the Vegemite and I think it was not that good but I loved the cracker though but the taste I just didn’t like and also do people eat Vegemite with everything?

    1. Hi Luis, it’s a yeasty spread you can put on toast. It might be hard for you to find, but if you do, give it a go! Yes, we aren’t used to the strong flavour, but many people took a risk and gave it a try.

  28. Hi Mrs. Smith and class,
    I am in Mrs. Braidwood’s class. I really liked reading your post about Vegemite and all the comments.
    Miss. Wyatt came here and gave my class a tube of Vegemite. I was very excited to try it but when we put it on the cracker it didn’t look that good. We had no idea how it would taste. When I took a bit I said
    I don’t think I would try it again. Did you like the Vegemite? 😛

    1. Hi Savanna, thank you for your note. Yes, we saw all the pictures–funny how our reactions were the same! I am not sold on Vegemite. I am more of a peanut butter person. Good luck blogging!

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