Halloween Leftovers

How’s your candy bag? Are you done yet? It’s been over a week, I am curious if you have found the bottom of the bag yet. Or are you still rationing?

Huzzahnians, I still remember the fun we had during our Howlin’ Halloween Happening. Here’s a reminder of the fun we had. Thanks again to Andrea, Jean, and Shari–as well as those who supplied treats–for helping us have a great afternoon.


    1. Hi Dakota, I am so pleased you stopped by! I was visiting your school today and I saw that you, too, had a lot of fun. Yes, I was pleased that the music fit so well. Good luck with your class blog!

  1. Dear Huzzah,
    Fist of all I loved everyones spooky and awesome costumes.The treats just looked delicious. Everyones cartoons looked really interesting! Finally I would just love to do bowling for ghosts. I really like how you put the movie together with all of the interesting music that made the side show more interesting.


  2. Hi all,
    You guys really did up hall-o-ween. You even wore your costumes to school, we just said what we where being, thats it. Your halloween fest look’s like lots of fun! I wish I could have done something like that!

    Keep posting cool videos, Catherine

    1. Thanks for visiting, Catherine. Because this class is willing to work so hard, I think taking a break from our usual routine for an afternoon was all right. We will put in videos from time to time, glad you liked this one!

  3. Thanks, Jan
    If you guys work hard, then you remind me of my class. Maybe you would like to visit our blog. We have some cool videos too, (I still like your better then ours, don’t tell.)

    Talk to you later,

    1. Yes, these guys do work really hard! I will look for your videos on your blog. Like anything else, videos get better the more you make. Thanks for visiting, Catherine!

      1. Hi, thanks for responding! I am very exited for you to see our blog. What do you think about it? I am glad you guys work hard, and I can make a connection 🙂


        1. Catherine, I am indeed impressed with your class blog and the work your teacher and classmates do together. Bravo to you! Yippee for the connection we have made!

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