Write On!

Alt-ering by Mathieu JarryAnd type on, too!

We’ve only been at this blogging business for a few weeks and already our writing is flowing from our minds, through the keyboards, and off to an online audience.

Gosh! This class is on fire for blogging–just take a look at these links. They are choice posts, meaning the topics were not assigned. They have been through several revisions and have been well-polished.

After you finish reading, why not leave a comment. Every writer benefits from feedback and encouragement.

Watch this space–more writing on the way!

Image credit: Alt-ering by Mathieu Jarry


  1. Your blog is pretty cool… Do you have any tips on how to design a blog or how to make it interesting? How did you get your blog known by people all over the world?

    1. Hi Kaylee, my best tip is to be observant and find the resources to help you design the blog you want. You will learn a lot from The Edublogger. You will also learn a lot from reading and commenting on blogs. That is how people have found out about our blog.

  2. I really think it is very helpful to put all the links on the post from other students. I will be sure to visit Amber’s Advice (looking to irritate your teacher?).

    1. Well, I am sure you will appreciate Amber’s excellent advice! Even those she claims to be an excellent irritator, I think she is very sweet.

  3. Good Luck with the Blogging this year Ms.Smith and all of this years Division.4, I hope you all learn lots about blogging this year.


  4. your blog is pretty cool your pictures are awesome i liked the picture of the mini cake you should come visit my blog some day.

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