Team Building Structures

We switch our desk groups fairly regularly so we get to work with everyone in the class. Through the year we have tried several different strategies to get to know the people we learn with a little better. Drama challenges are a great way to break the ice, be creative, and have fun. I asked the students to build a human-created structure with their team mates–as you can tell in the slideshow below, they have wonderful imaginations. Can you guess the structure they have created before the answer pops up? The last slide is a tricky one!

Image credits:
That Wall by cmaccubbin
Leaning Tower of Pisa by irene.
La piramide roja by MrOmega
La Tour Eiffel by MrOmega
La sfinge by bobsuper foto
TeePee by danibelle2906
London Bridge (Tower Bridge) by Anirudh Koul
A Day in Duncan by hradcanska


  1. Hey Mrs.smith!
    It looks like you guys had lots of fun! My favorite was the worlds biggest hockey stick!

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