Classroom Olympics–the Pairs Event

We may not be Olympians, but we can dream–and we can pretend.

Today I invited Huzzahnians to dress up in pairs in honour of Mr. Laurie, former figure skating champion, to compete in our own Olympic event. We used the term “pairs” loosely, as you can see in the video. Students brought costumes, designed and practiced routines, and performed in front of their fans on behalf of their countries. They were judged against the criteria that the class established. The two very serious and highly trained judges, Mrs. B and Ms. Smith, used the old-fashioned 6.0 scoring scale.

The performances were entertaining and fun, as was the medal ceremony. The event was capped off with a rousing chorus of  ‘O Grapelandia on behalf of the gold medalists. We could almost hear the people in Vancouver singing with us.



  1. Hi Ms. Smith! That was so much fun and I really enjoy
    it, and I hope we do something like that again and a again! My favorite part has to be when we did our little dance, I did enjoy this and I liked how we did it in front of our class mates because I have a little stage fright! Any was that was fun!

    Easton 😀

  2. Ms. Smith, What a great activity and an amazing video. Future Olympians for sure. I will be sharing this video with my class in Washington State, USA. Canada has done a wonderful job with the Olympic Games. We Have really enjoyed watching.

    1. Hi Ms. Partlow, thanks for visiting Huzzah! We have also enjoyed watching the Olympics, and a few of our students went to the mainland to watch the Games in person. Tomorrow’s big game will be very exciting as many of us are hockey fans. American athletes have has outstanding performances, too. Thank you for your complement about our pairs event–it was a lot of fun.

  3. Hey,
    That would be really fun to have an Olympics within your class and competing against your class mates. Everyone had great costumes and well done to all the students that got medals. I sometimes watch the winter Olympics and I go for Australia but they don’t seem to be winning.
    If you want to visit my blog the website is

  4. Hi Ms. Smith that was agreat activity to do in your class! I was wondering if any of your students went to watch the Olympics Live?

  5. Hi name is Saturn162. I’m from California. What I like about your post is that it has to do with the olympics. That is my favorite part of the year! I also thank you because you guys gave me an idea that my class should do that. I also have a question, how did you come up with such a great idea

  6. I liked your video nice lift ups didn’t you guys want to fall or didn’t you guys feel like you guys lost balance? Were you guys having physical education (P.E.) in a room full of computers? Besides that your video was great and really enjoyable.

  7. Hi I am Cyrus 162,
    I am from California. I really liked the animoto. I wish I was in the Olympics. If i were in the Olympics I would like to win and gold medal. I loved all of the costumes. My favorite costume was the grapes. Would you want to be in the Olympics?

    1. Those were my friends Savannah and Rebekah; they are in my class and you should visit their blogs sometime. They have great posts and amazing blogging ideas. You should check it out. Thanks for commenting and talk to you soon 😀

  8. I really enjoyed looking at your animoto. I’m in Mr. Miller’s classroom in King City, California. M y avatar’s name is Peter. I like how you dream about winning Olympian metals, because i dream that to! Do you ever think or dream you will become an Olympian winner and win all those metals? Comment back!!!

  9. Those costumes are very cool. The activityis also very cool. I wish my school could do that , pretend we are in the olympics and make costumes. We don’t that at our school. your school must be very cool,or at least your teacher. My favorite outfit are the grapes. I also like the ningas.I think that the grapes should have won.Those costumes were very cool once again.

    1. You’re right Ops it was really cool. It was a fun and exciting event and I’m glad I got to be in it, it’s too bad you didn’t get to do it with your class. But maybe next year you can suggest it to your teacher and you mite be able to do a pairs event in your class.

  10. Awesome animoto, I really like the song. I get so happy when the Olympics are coming up i buy chips and sodas and me and all my friends watch the olympics.

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