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The Olympic Games have begun!

head in the clouds

Huzzahnians are following all events with interest, but we are paying particular attention to the figure skating pair of Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay. Our reason? Our student teacher, Mr. Laurie, is a former Canadian national figure skating champion and he often shared the podium with Cody when they competed together. We are learning a lot from Mr. Laurie about the challenges and rewards of putting your skills on the line.

Last night Anabelle and Cody were brilliant in the pairs short program, achieving their personal best. What a thrill that must be for them!


This week we will be having our own Olympic opening ceremonies as well as many cultural and sporting events–stay tuned for our reports!

Images:  Head in the Clouds by ecstaticist

Anabelle and Cody from Skate Canada


  1. Oh wow unmm Did you know that they also preformed infront of a cround one time and Anabelle fell and hurt her knee but she went on with the show… I Love Cody and Anabelle’s Work together. 😀

  2. Hello Canada,

    We love your header, we can’t stop thinking how you did it.

    The use of colour in your layout is great and the candy photos make us hungry.

    We like the idea of the relvover map, it looks awesome and very catchy.

    How long have you been working on your blog?
    We’ll denitly be visiting again soon.

    We hope you can check out our blog, and give us some cool tips!

    From Alli and Claire

  3. wow! Did they win gold in the Olympics. I think I saw them in the Olympics a long time ago. I really like the picture of the statue and the sky behind it.

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