Good Advice?

I’m not so sure I should trust my students anymore. Just look at this:

I don’t think I should turn my back on them! On the up side there is some practical advice. Just visit Devan to read his 10 easy tips to… well, just read it.


  1. Hi class I am guessing that you guys and girls tried to guess where I am. Brayden told me you guys guest where I am and you said beach. But sorry to say its not beach well I geuss you have to try again bye.

  2. Hi!
    This is Priscila from Argentina , I am Stephie´s sister.
    So you live in Canda…What is Canada like?Here in Argentina we are on summer so it is very hot!!
    Kisses and keep in touch.

  3. WOW! I’m really impressed! I read them all and I loved them! It’s like they make perfect excuses, excellent ways to get in trouble, good ways to annoy people and something about ruining your mum’s day, but they work to grab attention!!
    They sure know how to make you laugh and also make the teachers believe you… Congrats to Catie, Julian, Sophie, Kris, and Daniel for their outstanding effort to write such amazing posts! 😉
    What DO students get on with behind their teacher’s back? God knows!

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