Winter Wonderland

It doesn’t snow much here in the Valley.

The accumulation of the white stuff stays on the mountains for the most part, and I for one like it that way.

But when I read this wonderful post by Conner, I almost got to wishing… Yes, secretly, even teachers pray for snow days. We haven’t had one yet, but keep your fingers crossed!

So what’s on your list? What do you like to do in winter? Drop by Conner’s post and tell him, or write a post of your own. And to our friends in Australia and New Zealand who are heading into summer, what were your favourite ways to spend winter–way back in July and August?

Image Monochrome Close-Up by Nebarnix

This just in! Could this mean…?


  1. Dean Shareski suggested that my 5/6 class in Moose Jaw, SK should get in touch with your grade 6s so we are starting today. They should see some new posts show up. Hopefully we will start a conversation.

  2. Unfortunately here in Western Australia we don’t get snow. So we can’t look forward to any activities in the snow or snow days 🙁 .

    Some people who live here spend their whole life never see snow as travel from here is very expensive.

    We also aren’t taught how to make paper snow flakes so have no idea how you might do this.

    What is our favorite way to spend winter? Well our winter temperature is probably similar to your summer temperature 🙂 . Not really sure – just when cold stay rugged up inside.

  3. @ Carrie, as a driving Mom, you should also add scrapping off the car and driving on snowy roads!

    @ Stephanie, Hi!
    The kids were thrilled with the comments: I wasn’t ready with log-ins right away, so we will comment back next week.

    @Sue, heard our snow flakes made you feel woozy–just had them up for our first actual snow. I think my kids will have to teach you how to make snowflakes–we can skype you!

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