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Zoom Out

When I first saw the film below (and we called it a film, and it did wind reel to reel), I was in Mr. McGuffin’s Grade 5 class. It blew my 10-year-old mind. I still find it such a compelling translation of our understanding of the universe, such as it was in the late 1960’s. It is a wonderful device, that zooming thing.

So I got quite excited when I read about Zoom Posts from Dragon on Miss Wyatt’s Student Blogging Challenge blog. How clever! How fun! To make this creative commenting game work, you need to play by the simple rules:

  • Choose an image. (Creative Commons licensed and attributed, of course, if it is not your own photograph). Think of an image that is a starting point, something from which a viewer can move back to see more of the story.
  • Invite your readers to “zoom out” of the the scene to reveal what else they imagine is also a part of the story.
  • Commenters are obliged to read previous comments and carry the storyline is a sense-preserving way.
  • If you’d like a great example of how the story can evolve, check out this one about a Dr. Pepper can and this one about a keyboard.
  • Make sure you tag your post Zoom Post to make it searchable, and link to the Student Challenge blog.
  • And yes, you can comment on your own Zoom Post–but leave room for your readers, too!

So readers, what is the story here? Update! The tale is now told–Read the exciting of saga of Molly and the Chocolate Cake–now closed for comments as we have reached the end of the story!

Three Layer Cake

Image credit: Miniature Dollhouse Food -Three Layer Cake by Stephanie Kilgast


Miniature Dollhouse Food - Three Layer Cake