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Our Name in Pictures

Many I have a word with you?

Pastry Cutter H u Pastry Cutter Z Z A Alphabet Block h

There are many clever tools created by designers that use images.  The tool that made our name in pictures is called Spell With Flickr. It was developed by a 28-year-old programmer from Springfield, New Jersey named Erik Kastner. We will link to his site soon. He created a program that chooses letters from a pool (collection) of pictures on Flickr. We will learn more about the site which allows users to load and share pictures. The pictures are published under Creative Commons licenses. This will be important to you when you start using and sharing images.

H Pastry Cutter U Münster coloured card disc letter z a-spo H

In the mean time, what do you think of these? Which one do your prefer–and why?

I would have included the exclamation mark, but there wasn’t room on our page