1. Hello Ms. Smith,
    All those students will fit right in, especially that one in the top right, he’s very attractive.😂 I am so excited for Halloween and to meet the new students.
    Happy Halloween!

    1. Hi Miss W.
      Well, they do have a certain charm. I think I will keep them all year. They can lift heavy things for me and the one in the middle can travel through walls to get to the office in a hurry when I need more staples. 🙂
      ~Ms. S.

  2. Ms. Smith,
    I found out that your students are signed up for the Student Blogging Challenge. My students are as well. I’m a teacher at Hilltop Middle School in the United States. As part of this week’s challenge I’m encouraging my students to make comments related to food on other blogger’s posts. If possible, can you visit our class blog at http://www.flags8.org to tell us what a typical student in your country eats at lunch time?
    Thanks so much,
    Ms. Manjarrez

    1. Hi Mrs. Manjarrez,
      (I did go to your blog, but I was unsure about where to comment.) Students at our school bring their own lunches. Many bring a sandwich while others bring veggies and dip, yogurt, or even soup in a thermos. We have a composting and recycling program at school but we really encourage kids to bring a garbage-free lunch.
      Good luck with blogging!
      ~Jan Smith

  3. Hello Mrs.Smith

    Those look like some very scary students you have there! Us in Texas have learned that monsters and ghouls weren’t real, I guess we were wrong!

    ~Ryan from Texas

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