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Doing Good: Little Buddies

Our school is fortunate to host StrongStart, a preschool parent and child early learning program, lead by the amazing Maureen Wagner. Our class has the privilege  of being buddies with StrongStart and we look forward to our bi-weekly visits.

Supporting a young person in their learning, helping them to build confidence and trust in new experiences is a great way to Do Good.

This time our buddies came to our room to make and read a booklet about Gingerbread Kids. The buddies had made Gingerbread Kids who have left on an adventure.

For the books we created, we pretended to eat gingerbread cookies by tearing and gluing the parts of the cutout body into each page. So, while playing, we were working on fine motor and language skills.

Helping a buddy tear and glue

Then we read the books with our buddies.

Face to face or side by side

I especially love watching parents and grandparents enjoying the interactions between their children and these lovely 12 and 13 year old students. It’s like watching a community knit itself together.

Students, children and grandparents enjoying each other’s company.

We like to finish off with a song that makes everyone smile: Icky Sticky Bubble Gum: