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What if…

Eric’s post made me giggle–and who doesn’t need a giggle on March 23rd?

I was inspired to write this by the novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, because so very much, if not all of the novel is illogical and nonsense. I made a list consisting of nine impossible things, and giving my thoughts on them.

hot dog_toast for brekkieWhat if it was possible…

  • To grow wings. I am likely thinking about this because I’d love to fly naturally (I hate planes, for several reasons I won’t explain right now) and soar above land, and be one with the wind.
  • That you could dig your way to China, without being burnt alive by the earth’s core. I highly doubt that the hole would be finished by the end of those people’s lifetimes, and judging by the size of the earth, a hole to the other side of the world is quite impossible…. or is it?
  • To find a vegetable that you can eat with your mind okay, let’s skip that one.
  • That there was a way someone could translate all animal speech, and convert it into English. Perhaps this could happen…? I’m too young to figure out how this would work.
  • That furniture could speak. Furniture doesn’t have brains, and you need brains to work your body, and you also need a heart to pump your blood, and you need blood, too… So this is definitely impossible (or is it?)
  • A device that lets you speak with just using your mind. I suppose it is possible, but very very unlikely that device could be invented.
  • A live flower that spits water at you. Okay, I guess I was inspired to write this from those artificial flowers that spit water that clowns put in their breast-pocket. Perhaps scientists could genetically alter a plant…?
  • A volcano that erupts maple syrup. Why would I even consider this idea?
  • What if eggs were the size of pupils? Well, it is possible… I think. The climate could affect this, or if we find another species of bird that lays eggs so very small.

What about you? Do you have any interesting impossible ideas?

Feel free to respond here or on Eric’s original post.

Image credit: Hot Dog by toastforbrekkie