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The Over/Under Challenge

(This post was co-authored by Heather and Mia.)

Hello, visitors to Huzzah!

We have been challenged by Mr. Toft’s class in Ottawa, Canada to do something fun: the Over/Under Challenge. We’re showing you our completed challenge. You’ll have to watch the video to see how high we got! We have also challenged our buddy class (Ms. Bulger’s at Climb High!) to do the same challenge and we hear they are pretty fast.

You’ll notice in our video that we mess up our count in two places–counting too quickly and then too slowly. If you don’t think our final count is accurate, try turning off the audio to check our count. You’ll also notice some of us wore silly pants. That helped us a lot. 🙂

For those of you who are confused about what we are talking about, we will tell you what the over/under challenge is all about. The rules of the challenge is to pass the ball in a circle with the pattern of over and under. You are not allowed to drop the ball or throw it to other people otherwise you have to restart. The object of this whole challenge is to pass the ball as many times as you can within the time span of one minute. You have to make an UNEDITED video of your class doing the over/under challenge.

Happy Huzzahnians!

Happy Huzzahnians!

We hope to see your completed over/under challenge videos–please tell us in a comment if you try it.

Good luck!