What is Home?

In our Global Read Aloud novel Pax, Peter tells Vola he must go home:6339990758_fd1241ebce

“So which is it? You going back for your home or for your pet?”
“They’re the same thing,” Peter said.

Inspired by  Ms. Bunker’s grade 6 & 7 students’ writing, Huzzahnians explored their own ideas of home. Some quotations from their posts with links to their blogs are below.

Home is the place where you always want to return to. Where you feel accepted, loved, needed even…It’s the place they belong. The place with their hearts. The place they call Home.. ~ Kimberly

Home is camping, campfires and making s’mores and home is Christmas, having family over and shredding the snow-capped mountain. ~ Carson

One blogger said, “Home is where you want to be but can’t” and for me that’s Hogwarts!…I also feel at home when I am in my imagination (usually imagining myself in the world of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson) cause in there everything is perfect. ~ Arielle

My other home is a hockey rink. I think that it should be a nice place to relax and a place that you can give it your all. ~ Josh

Home is where you sleep, where you are loved, where family is. ~ Kaya

My home is one of the best places to relax in. We always have super tasty cookies in the tin, have a comfortable couch to lounge in, and best of all is roasting  a marshmallow at the fire pit in the back yard. ~ Daniel

I love coming home every day getting that feeling that I know I’m safe. I’m grateful every day for my house and I always will be. ~ Kaiya

Home is a place where some rules are put in place, but it is still a very free and open place where no one is judged for being themselves. ~ Jayden

Home is were there is always someone you can rely on. Home is knowing that my dog is always open for hugs….Last but not least that weird noise that the fish tank makes is the sound of my home. ~ Kayley

Home is a place where we can feel safe and loved. When I walk up to my house and see my dogs in the window all excited to see me that puts a warm smile on my face. ~Tyler

School is also a place I can call home. I’m very grateful I get to go to a great school with awesome teachers and people.  My school friends are like family too, they can always make me laugh and smile. ~ Livea

But above all else, above home in a house, home for me is theatre. Home is opening night jitters, filled with excitement and nervousness, but mostly excitement. Home is onstage during the finale, giving it your all for that final night. ~ Lyric

It’s also a place that you know you’re loved and trusted and you can let out any emotions you have. Home is the best place! ~ Jack

Home is when you feel happy. Home is what you love. ~ Briana

If you are reading Pax (and even it you aren’t) what does “home” mean to you? Please let us know, or better yet, visit our class bloggers to share your thoughts.

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    1. Hi Bobby, I have never been to Texas, but I believe I can say the following statements are likely true: Texas, being the largest state, is very diverse. There are major cities that are centres of commerce, and smaller towns with a strong sense of history. Like our province you are on an ocean (the Gulf of Mexico), so tourism is important. And you have the Johnson Space Center….from where the famous phrase “Houston, we have a problem” comes. That’s probably enough!
      But wait! My husband just told me that there is a place called Canadian, Texas. Wow, who knew?
      Best wishes,
      Ms. Smith

  1. Hello! I am Katey, from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. We read the 1st chapter of Pax, and I cried- right there in class! How have your students reacted? Home means somewhere that you can go to after your done with all of your activities. It is also somewhere close to the heart. I invite you to visit my blog at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/katherine8482022/.
    I enjoy hearing what you and your class are doing.

    1. Hi Katey,
      Yes, Pax is an emotionally wrenching book at times, but it is a very satisfying read. There have been a few gasps, I’ll admit. I hope you’ll take time to read the whole novel. Thank you for adding your thoughts on home. Good luck in your blogging this year.
      Best wishes, Ms. Smith

  2. Hi Katey,
    In class we are also reading Pax for the Global Read Aloud.
    I am really enjoying the book.
    It is a very emotional book but is very descriptive and uses figurative language a lot and uses it very well.
    Sara Pennypacker is a great author and she wrote Pax very well.
    I would love to see some more posts.
    Come visit my blog at https://hannahp231.edublogs.org.

  3. Hi ms Smith,
    I liked Your post on what home is.
    It was interesting to read Other kids ideas of what home is.
    Home to me is A loving family including my pets.
    I have a cat named Spartacus and a dog named Tory a.k.a. Squealy.
    Do you have any pets?

    1. Hi Morgan, I like the name of your cat and dog. I bet I can guess why Tory is called Squeaky. We have two golden retriever dogs named Luke and Solo. They have fancy names Luke “Surf and Turf” Skywalker and Solo Jedi Mindtricks. Aren’t those funny? I can’t imagine our home without our dogs
      See you soon,
      Ms. Smith

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