Have you ever watched kids get an idea in their heads and then through creativity and hard work turn their vision into reality? I shouldn’t be surprised, but that’s what Huzzahnians did. Read Adena and Summer’s posts to learn about their planning to Do Good.

When they found out my son would need to spend some time at the Children’s Hospital they decided to hold a bake sale. The initial planning team went into high gear, planning in a Google Doc,  making lists of jobs (from advertising to photography to clean-up), sharing the work and the satisfaction. Two thirds of the class did their own baking. 

Their goal was to raise $350.00 but in the end they raised $502.01!  I am so very proud of these students, and so grateful for their kindness.

Epona, one of our class unicorns, Nelson, and I present our big cheque to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Have you ever been the recipient of someone’s generosity? Please let us know!




  1. Congratulations on exceeding your goal and for such a worthy cause. I am proud of you way over here in Florida! Your cupcakes look delicious, too. They are worthy of the Cupcake Wars. (Do you have that t.v. show on the Food Network in Canada?)

    Also, we are voting for you and cheering for you to win Best Class Blog. Good luck!

    ~Mrs. Donofrio and her kids

    1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio, yes, we have Cupcake Wars and cupcake fans in our classroom. There are so many interesting food shows these days. Interesting that food is now competitive.
      And thank you again for your kindness in nominating us–we are so grateful.
      ~Ms. Smith

  2. hi huzzanians,
    I too have been a recipient of someones generosity, one time my friend had received $20 for babysitting, and I was with her. I don’t think I did too much work but she insisted on giving me half of her money I told her no at first but she kept on bugging me on taking it so eventually I gave in.

  3. Hi Huzzahians,
    Wow! You guys are on fire with helping out around the community! Those cupcakes sure look delicious. The kids who made them did a great job decorating. Whenever I get an idea in my head, my Mom just can’t stand me bugging her about it. So then she tells me to go bother my Dad, till I eventually forget about my crazy idea! Only about half of the time it will come a reality, depending on my parents mood. I’m so sorry your son is in the hospital. That must be hard for you and your family. Atleast your students are very generous and helpful. It sounds like they are really great students to have! I enjoy reading your blog, and hope that you will check out mine. I also can’t wait to skype with your class!
    Blog you later,

    1. Hi Courtney, yes, we have quite the difference-makers here. I think you should persist with your ideas about helping out, but perhaps in ways that don’t bother your parents. I bet you can think of some simple yet effective ideas to do some good.
      My son is out of hospital and has a clean bill of health. It was hard, but we had lots of support. I have put your blog url into your comment–you can put it in your comments when you comment on anyone’s blog.
      Best wishes & keep blogging,
      Ms. Smith

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