1. Hi Ms. Smith,

    I do not remember who gave me the idea but I believe it was someone very wise and knowledgeable. One of the main things that was a problem besides the Hedgehogs is the fact that some Naval shells had fallen short and if any troops had to go for a swim they had a chance of sinking into one because there kit was very heavy. I have not heard of them being destroyed but many mortars on the beaches and artillery pieces did knock out an amount as well as some capsized in the waves from the rough weather.The Germans also placed anti-tank ditches along the beach to stop tanks but that problem was covered because of a British invention that was classed as a “Funny.” This machine carried piles of something I forget how to spell and dropped it into the ditches to make a bridge. Also the fact that there was lots of German troops and that the whole area was mined and many bunkers had been made for Germans to hide and then pop up if an Allied soldier walked by. Another problem to that the Allies faced is that most of the bombing didn’t do much damage so many places were still running and to improve the German chances they turned every house along the beachfront into a mini fort and they would even put anti-tank guns in the cellars so they were hard to detect. Well I’m getting a lecture from Sierra so bye.

    1. Thanks, Professor Greyson. I have learned more about the hardships of that time, and the complexity of the task. Pretty amazing what they were able to accomplish.

  2. Ms. Smith,

    I’ve been peeking through your class blog and am gleaning some great ideas, like the shelfari. Thank you! One question though: did you have each student sign up for piclits or did you use just one class login?

    1. Hi Mr. Stein-Ross, we created student accounts, and the process was really easy. Students used their district emails, but the site doesn’t post it or require a verification from that account which simplifies things. We used their first names only with a suffix to make each unique. We used a standard password pattern that the students already know so it made the process easier. It is very anonymous, but allows them to create and get feedback–which is really want we want for young writers.

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