We know how to have a good time!

The last week of school is always melancholy for me: I’m happy for the approach of summer, but sad to see the school year end. So the best plan is to go out on a high note.

  1. We played marimbas for Monday’s Gr. 7 grad–and we sounded great!
  2. We tie-dyed t-shirts with a logo designed by Chaeyoon and our names on it.
  3. We painted Ms Snowdon’s car–just look at the results–

More fun to come as we head out to beach day in the rain…


  1. Hi there!
    That must have been real fun! And I like how the car looks, really cool! 🙂
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your summer vacations. What are you planning to do?
    P.D.: I was also wondering what Huzzah meant..

  2. I bet Ms Snowdon is hoping it rains soon or she will have to go through a car wash.

    Glad we met you and your students and hope we can continue with a new group in September when you return to school.

    1. @ Renata, Miss W, and 20alc, We had a lot of fun! Ms Snowdon actually had to scrub quite hard to get it off as the sun did a good job of baking the colour on. We use tempera paint and brushes.

  3. Did you paint some of the car with your hands? Did Ms Snowdon wash the car off after the kids painted the car or did the kids wash it off?

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