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Little gems dug up in the forest

Although we would never dig in the woods, we mined a rich vein of poetry during our afternoon of quiet reflection in the Northeast Woods and Lazo Marsh. Here is a handful of diamonds from student poems:

Lazo Woods, a magical forest,
So quiet that the animals think we’re tourists. –Danny

Buds that have just turned into leaves feel like they have been dipped in silk –Rebekah

IMG_4999I see trees in groups as if old friends were talking to each other
I notice the moss on them and it reminds me of clothing –Riannah

I look up at the blue sky, not cloud in sight.
The sun is in the corner of my eye.  –Jaiden

When I look up, I see the sun peaking through the trees
and then its rays light up everything around me
from a nurse tree to moss covered rocks.  –Riley

The woods are bright from nature’s light bulb that we call the sun.  –Payton

All I can see when I look up is the trees stretching to the sky and
Patches of the blue sky where the leaves part –Lizzie

As I lay on the big rock I look up and see the sun peaking through the canopy
As I stand on a log I feel it move beneath me
As I walk, sticks break
I could nap in you forever –Katie

Then I see a snake… it slithers it’s tongue at me and I smile at him–Easton

Lush greens spread all around giving the forest a majestic feeling.  Greyson

The cracking sound goes on,
and strikes fear into me,
for I am not a bird who can fly away,
nor am I an animal who can scatter away,
and yet I still stay. –Jessica

The wind whistles
And a cluster of pine needles
Fall like feathers from your neighbours   –Eric

Now I sit on a log
Waiting for the sun to hit me
Waiting for that touch of warmth
To end my journey.  – Priya

I love our earth and wouldn’t want to harm it –Ben

We all want to save the earth from extinction
Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day   –Matteo