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Our Home, Our Earth, Let’s Appreciate it!

We are happy to live where we do–it is a beautiful and inspiring place for us. This week we took time to get out and appreciate what we have. Check out out blogs to see what we think–and look at the our slideshow, too.

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Guest post by Brianne

I am sitting on the school ground risers,
listening to the traffic across the green field.
I feel the brisk wind tickling my cheeks.
The clouds are like a painting by Picasso,
a real piece of art.

I can smell the evergreen pines
with their minty scent.
I glance into the clearing
that is a perfect portrait of our lovely glacier.

I jumped off the risers
and felt the gritty gravel beneath my feet.
I looked to the sky
and I notice the sun trying to peek out.
I saw a crow soaring into the distance
with its loud and screechy noise.
The graceful bird flew for its nest
and settled next to the small baby birds.

I step onto the the jungle gym
to get a different perspective
of the wonderful valley.
I gaze into the neighborhoods below.
The trees fill in deep green forests
with pine cones galore.

I love the environment,
it’s one of the most peaceful things on Earth.
What am I saying?
It is the Earth!

Photo by: Minxlij